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                                     Special column for Polio     
                   www.a-bombsurvivor.com/Special column for Polio.html
"Jonas Salk-Wikipedia"    "Jonas Salk-Images"

Oh, I am sorry! I am too busy to edit the English edition of the following article. However, the visitors could easily imagine what the Editor intends to say...
今朝早くの野外に出ての健康ぶら下がり機器を利用しながらふと、思い付いたこと。それは吾輩の「ポリオ・小児麻痺」の歴史のこと!本コラムでも紹介した興味あるものですが、日英語両版のトップページに写真付きの「特別コラム」を掲載すことです。と、そこで本欄を同記事下書き的に利用します。★ことの発端はコロナ・ウィルス発生で世界的に蔓延した伝染病のことを自習するために検索していてヒットしたのが「 ポリオ(急性灰白髄炎)は脊髄性小児麻痺とも呼ばれ、ポリオウイルスによって発生する疾病です 」とあります。日本古来の病気でなく、海外から「輸入」された伝染病。対する英語版「Acute poliomyelitis」にみる画像や記述内容の大きな差異画像のひとつを並べて比較します★同じテーマでも「日英語版の内容の大きな差異」は否定できません。ヨシダが英語版を尊重する所以でもあるのです。ちなみに、同じ内容でも同日本語版にみる写真を下記に転載して日英語版の優劣の大きなギャップを示します ★ と、ちなみに、本欄を編集しつつ感じること!毎朝の野外での健康機器の活用から車いす上での可能な限りの自己流体操メニューがあるのですが、従来は半そで、長袖の場合は袖を捲って汗の出ることを気懸かりにする感じでしたが、現在では長袖のままで存分に自己流体操に徹し、汗を掻くことを大歓迎の気分かつ、蚊や蝿などの防火壁って気分で過ごすことに転じています。体操後の長袖シャツの交換ってさわやか気分に転じています!こんな「発想の転換」はヨシダ特有(?)のものでして若い頃からの発明発起心の「再現」って図式でニンマリって気分です。(添付画像=18枚)(8:13)  
  Jonas Salk - Discoverer of the First Polio Vaccine - BiographyA world without polio: Tribute to Jonas Salk - Narbeh Mirzaei - MediumJonas Salk announces polio vaccine this week in history | wkyc.comAmazon.com: Jonas Salk (Reading for Fun and Comprehension) eBook ...Biography of Jonas Salk: Inventor of the Polio Vaccine
  Jonas Salk | Books, Health and HistoryJonas Salk and the Advent of the Polio VaccineJonas Salk, M.D. | Academy of AchievementJonas Salk wins the fight against polio - Cosmos Magazine2006 63c Distinguished Americans: Dr. Jonas Salk for sale at ...
  Polio vaccine - WikipediaOPINION | The Polio Scare and the Return of Dengvaxia | AlterMidyaMy polio-stricken mother's advice to parents: immunize your kids ...Tangled Roots and Trees: Polio -- The Summer ScourgeHow the Success of Vaccines Led to Less Vaccination / COMMENTARY ...
  Coronavirus Vaccine Dreams - The New York TimesUnbelievable factsGoogle Doodle: Polio Vaccine Creator Dr. Jonas Salk's 100th ...Jonas Salk - The reward for work well done is the...
 Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors." Jonas Salk ...TOP 25 QUOTES BY JONAS SALK (of 67) | A-Z QuotesJonas Salk was one of the leading... - The City University of New ...
  Image result for wikipediaJonas Salk candid.jpgJonas Salk signature.svg 
 Image result for wikipediaPolio lores134.jpg ポリオ(急性灰白髄炎)(日本語版)
             "Polio Wikipedia"(英語版)
 Image result for wikipediaEnglish videos about Spain: EL PAÍS English Edition on Facebook ...File:En.Wikipedia-VideoWiki-Polio.webm
 Polio worldwide 2018.svg
      An Egyptian stele thought to represent a polio victim, 18th Dynasty (1403–1365 BC)

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"Scandals within the family!!"...The attached photos show it right!?
    THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP - HamiltonBook.comDuty To Warn -The Dangerous Case of Donald TrumpWE ARE IN MORTAL DANGER - Aundra Willis Carrasco - Medium
       Bro. John N N Ng'ang'a - Scandal in the Family | FacebookSHAME AND SCANDAL (IN THE FAMILY)" LYRICS by TRINI LOPEZ: Woe is ... 
  Too Much and Never Enough.jpgNiece Meaning - YouTubeJudge dismisses lawsuit over Mary Trump's tell-all book - Business ...Judge dismisses lawsuit over Mary Trump's tell-all book - Business ...
  SCANDALES Channel Analysis & Online Video Statistics | VidoolyWithin: Leery, Ridiculous And At Times Genuinely Scary - UNILADFamily Members Relations Words | Family English Vocabulary WordsPrivate vs Public Subs, Variables & Functions in VBA - Excel Off ...Home – do you read me?! - Inspiring magazines and books
 Trump looking to sue niece Mary over tell-all book: report ...Donald Trump's niece Mary to release explosive tell-all book on ...Mary Trump: Judge suggests tell-all book by Trump niece serves ...
      Mary L. Trump, Writer, Nephew!! "Too Much and Never Enough-Wikipedia"
Wikipedia:Mary Lea Trump (born May 1965)[1] is an American clinical psychologist, businessperson, and author. She is the niece of Donald J. Trump and authored a book about him and the family, Too Much and Never Enough (2020).
 SHAME AND SCANDAL (IN THE FAMILY)" LYRICS by TRINI LOPEZ: Woe is ...Shame And Scandal lyrics by Harry Belafonte - original song full ...Amazon.com: Scandal in the Family: What happens when a family ...Karaoke Internazionale - Shame And Scandal In The Family - Shawn ...
   Trauma, neglect, abuse' – Trump's niece pens damning family memoir ...Recording, mixing: It's All Too Much – The Beatles BibleMary Trump - “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the ...
   Clinical Psychology Project - Lessons - Tes TeachRichard Think Psychology logo - Barefoot BirminghamShannon Ownhouse - Clinical Psychologist | ЛоготипAmerican Psychological Association - Wikipedia
  PPT - Kinds of Faults PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID ...Faults - normal faultsSchematic block-diagram of a normal fault. | Download Scientific ...Faults ( Read ) | Earth Science | CK-12 Foundation両親や夫婦で喧嘩!?家を建てるときの話し合いのポイント | 不動産の ...
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"Hugh Downs, Perennial Small-Screen Fixture, Is Dead at 99-The New York Times" A longtime host of both “Today” and “20/20,” for many years he held the Guinness-certified record for most total hours on commercial network television.~ is going to be edited as an exception of 99-year-old. "Hugh Downs-Wikipedia" (Attached photos=4)(7:26)
 Image result for the new york times logoHugh Downs, seen here on the set of NBC&rsquo;s &ldquo;Today&rdquo; show in 1966, had a mellow voice and the manner of an intelligent listener in a long career on television.Hugh Downs, Perennial Small-Screen Fixture, Is Dead at 99 - The ...Hugh Downs died at the age of 99 in Scottsdale on Wednesday night ...
"Hugh Downs, Perennial Small-Screen Fixture, Is Dead at 99-The New York Times" A longtime host of both “Today” and “20/20,” for many years he held the Guinness-certified record for most total hours on commercial network television.~ is going to be edited as an exception of 99-year-old. "Hugh Downs-Wikipedia" (Attached photos=4)(7:26)
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