(Open Letter)
                                                                      December 1st, 2013
Dear President Obama,

     I am 82-year-old Japanese survivor of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Then 14-year-old-polio-stricken boy nearly escaped from death when berried under the collapsed building unmovable, miraculously hauled out atop of it after a moment of prayer with hands in one ready to die.
      One of my younger brothers, then 7-year-old, with not a single injury in his body, died two weeks after the Day in a miserable physical condition because of radiation exposed on him. At the very moment of his death, he grasped his Mommy's breast and whispered his last words of "Mommy, when I go to Heaven, I'm going ask Buddah to revenge America for this!"
      One of my three sisters who was with him hand in hand in around the city for help obliged to have undergone several serious medical operation for cancers later years. Her dropped hairs are still displayed in the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Hall. She died at the age of 79.
      When she and I talked about the atomic bomb, and coming to know of my concept as the survivor of "The Needs of Reconciliation between the dropper and the sufferers", she clearly said to me, "Yuuki, your sister never hates America, the a-bomb dropper! We Japanese, too, sure did bad things in the past. War makes human being crazy and mad!..."
      She was right when she said that when I think of what I have done up to this day of 82-yar-old in my own life career. I owe much of my success in life to many American friends and of my command of English language.
     With such introduction of myself and a-bomb suffered brother and a sister, I would like to appeal Mr. President, that your scheduled visit to the a-bombed cities would be best appreciated and welcomed when you target it on the occasion of "70th Anniversary in 2015" (70-2015), very punctual annual time.
    I clearly remember that when you were interviewed by NHK correspondent in Tokyo, 2011, who asked if you intend to drop in at a-bombed cities, you responded clearly to the effect that "Not this time because of tight schedules. However, I would like to have an honor of visiting the cities someday in my Presidency..." I watched this TV scene in the Philippines.
        As an a-bomb survivor, I would like you not to drop in on your way to or from your trip throughout the world. My wish or better say the majority of the survivors is that you be considerate to arrange your official visit to the cities with the main purpose of the official visit by President, thus making the dead and the survivors come to appreciate your visit with a thought that President came to pay a single purpose of making the tribute to us.
         In 2009, I wrote for the first time as a survivor, at the age of 79, a long essay under the title of "Testimony of an A-bomb survivor after 65 years of silence--Based on the three viewpoints". Later year of 2012, I wrote another one from a different angle under the title of "The Mission for Hibakushas--Needs to for building consensus for the reconciliation between the dropper and sufferers".
        Coincidentally, my theory resembles to the words President used at the 9.11 anniversary at the Pentagon in 2012; "Let us renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil but the human capacity for good-not the desire to destroy but the impulse to save and to serve and to build."
       It happened that Hiroshima municipal government recently disclosed its special plan under the name of "70th anniversary--2015" It would be our unforgettable memory of us Hibakushas if you President fulfill your promise in such a way.
                                                                         Sincerely yours,

                         YUUKI YOSHIDA