The editor of this web site, Yuki Yoshida(Hereafter call with the subject of "I", have played what I call "The first, the second and the third stages of Life back in Japan as a top business person. On February 1st, 2009, I began, at the age of late 78, to have what I call "The fourth stage of life" in this soil of the Republic of the Philippines with some aims and reasons, which the visitors would come to find by visiting this Web from time to time.(August 28, 2017) 

   Yuki Yoshida  (Age:86-year-1-month-old)
           "Grateful to be alive and active!" 
The above photos, the left is the one taken coincidentally right on the very day and moment when the Huge and dreadful earthquake hit in Eastern Japan on March 11, 2011. The middle is the one taken on the day when my passport was renewed in the Japanese Embassy in Manila on September 11, 2014, with another termination date of Ten years, 2024, meaning I would be 93-year-old with the necessity for the next renewal with another termination of 103 years old! Yes!? The necessity would come again! Ha.(Note)Continuing, the photo in the middle is the one without glasses. The former one was with glasses. It happened that the photo file in the editing file was carelessly deleted, so that I was obliged to replace with the one without I happened to take.

Well, someone is saying "What about the newest and the latest photos? My answer is simple. My everyday life in 24-hour is in "Suteteko(long drawers) & half sleeve shirt", not suitable for formal appearance! It might be when our family move to our scheduled own newly built beautiful house and lot in "Santa Rosa Heights" in a few years in a nice and beautiful big office of my own with suitable hero's costumes for the photo here, yes!

The followings are some of my writing records in English publicly opened. The Japanese editions of this kind are far the more, though.... 
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The columns for my regular writing in the past 
"A-bomb survivor testimony based on the three viewpoints"
"(Open letter) Dear Mr. President Obama"
"Atomic bomb survivor credits desire to learn for living 'four lives' (The JAPAN Times, August 4, 2012, by KRIS KOSAKA)
 Calabarzon Breaking News 
 "A-bomb and Me"
Special corner for introduction of the Philippines and its people

The mission for Hibakushas --Needs for building consensus for the Reconciliation between the a-bomb dropper and the sufferers 
Sister Hiroko's death
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 「An episode about Yoshida and Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist(Now, editing!)  

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                           Friday, December 1, 2017

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I take pride in being able to say this website contain so much as to be able to say "As far as the contents volume is concerned, mine is the biggest in Japan!" Just try to click "The Data Size(The Editing volume)". If edited into book form it would be as big as some "A few dozens"!

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("End of the day" here means at around 6 pm for the slow internet connection condition in this country of the Philippines.) 
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  (The below photos are the ones before moving to the Philippines)
  「吉田祐起」の画像検索結果   「吉田祐起」の画像検索結果   「吉田祐起」の画像検索結果       「吉田祐起」の画像検索結果 「吉田祐起」の画像検索結果
The above photos are the ones taken in around 2001, when this website was first published by myself with minor knowledge of editing, not using the ready-made form of website editing. 

I was then in the third stage of my life as a business consultant, maverick consultant firm, LOGITANT, Inc., meaning "Logistic and Logical consultant. Logistic comes from my own experience of managing a trucking industry company, years later developing into what I called "Seven subsidary group companies". "Logic" came from my personal life philosophy of "logical thinking and behavior".

The photos above, the second and third from left are taken in what I called SOHO, small office and home office. The fourth is the one depicting "My  9-minutes-speech in Las Vegus in the International conference of SAM(The Society for Advancement of Management)". I was then the president of Hiroshima branch chapter of the SAM. The award was "Material Handling Award". The attendants were some 300, business persons, University professors and the graduate students one third each. My dear memory was "Huge standing ovation with whistles occurred continued even after returned to my table on the stage!!

Thus after spending my first , second and third stages of my life as a top business person, I am in this soil of the Philippines playing what I call "The fourth life" as the most interesting life story beginning. What is it? or what it will be? the very things depicting in this website!

One thing that is worthy of depicting here and I feel proud of is that an almost-100-year-old trucking company in Shimbashi, Tokyo which was used be my 10-year-old client until leaving Japan is still and will be using Yoshida-written book as a sort of text for the newly-employed managers. The company's present President, the third generation, graduate from Keio to Michigan Universities, gives me opportunity of working for his company in a very interesting way. The newly employed managers are obligated to read that book of mine and obligated to answer and write his or her own thought and opinions to the company questions. Then the reports are sent to me! And the writer, Yoshida, is obligated to answer or advise to them in a form of writer's opinions and advises... My obligation to the company is something very unique! Yosihda-written book "Yoshida's Advice to the Professional Truck Drivers"(Japanese Edition) plays a sorto of its text. I have its English translation of the Contents" in English."English Contents" is it.

                    Events on December 1, Wikipedia 
                                  (December 1, Events(English editions)
                     (The past records of Events in the Japanese edition)
  1「1640年 - ポル...」の画像検索結果「1640年 - ポル...」の画像検索結果「Raided word」の画像検索結果「ポルトガル王政...」の画像検索結果「ポルトガル王政...」の画像検索結果「Portugal King ...」の画像検索結果「Portugal King ...」の画像検索結果
  3「1822 Pedro I c...」の画像検索結果「1822 Pedro I c...」の画像検索結果「1822 Pedro I c...」の画像検索結果「1822 Pedro I c...」の画像検索結果
4「1885 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果「1885 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果「1885 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果「1885 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果「1885 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果「2017 Dr Pepper」の画像検索結果
 7 「淀橋浄水場」の画像検索結果「淀橋浄水場」の画像検索結果  「淀橋浄水場」の画像検索結果「関東大震災」の画像検索結果  「closed」の画像検索結果「now」の画像検索結果
  9「Subte de Buenos Aires opened」の画像検索結果「Subte de Buenos Aires opened」の画像検索結果「Subte de Buenos Aires opened」の画像検索結果「Subte de Buenos Aires opened」の画像検索結果 「Subte de Buenos Aires opened」の画像検索結果
  11 スロベニア人・クロアチア人・セルビア人国の位置スロベニア人・クロアチア人・セルビア人国の国旗「ユーゴスラビア...」の画像検索結果「Kingdom of Yug...」の画像検索結果「Kingdom of Yug...」の画像検索結果
  12「Locarno Treaties」の画像検索結果「Locarno Treaties」の画像検索結果「Locarno Treaties」の画像検索結果 「six countries flags」の画像検索結果     「unhappy ending」の画像検索結果
 18  「1934年 - 丹那トンネルが開通」の画像検索結果  「1934年 - 丹那トンネルが開通」の画像検索結果 「1934年 - 丹那トンネルが開通」の画像検索結果   「1934年 - 丹那トンネルが開通」の画像検索結果  「1934年 - 丹那トンネルが開通」の画像検索結果
19「1934年 - 国鉄...」の画像検索結果「1934年 - 国鉄...」の画像検索結果「1934年 - 国鉄...」の画像検索結果「1934年 - 国鉄...」の画像検索結果「1934年 - 国鉄...」の画像検索結果
   20「1941年 -  御前会議で、ハル・ノートによるアメリカの要求は受け入れられないとして対米英開戦を決定」の画像検索結果「unacceptable」の画像検索結果「ハル・ノート」の画像検索結果「hull note」の画像検索結果「hull note」の画像検索結果   「war!」の画像検索結果
21「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果「Cairo Declaration」の画像検索結果
23「1949年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1949年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1949年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1949年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1949年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果
26「1953年 - 参宮...」の画像検索結果「1953年 - 参宮...」の画像検索結果「1953年 - 参宮...」の画像検索結果「1953年 - 参宮...」の画像検索結果
31「1958年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1958年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1958年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果「1958年 - 初の...」の画像検索結果
43「1980年 - 日本...」の画像検索結果「working holida...」の画像検索結果「working holida...」の画像検索結果「working holida...」の画像検索結果
44「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果「1982 Christiaa...」の画像検索結果
 50  「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果          「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果      「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果     「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果
     「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果「Channel Tunnel」の画像検索結果「1990, Channel Tunnel opened」の画像検索結果 「Channel Tunnel」の画像検索結果  「Channel Tunnel」の画像検索結果      「Channel Tunnel」の画像検索結果
54   「1997年 - 地球温暖化防止京都会議が開会」の画像検索結果     「1997年 - 地球温暖化防止京都会議が開会」の画像検索結果  「1997年 - 地球温暖化防止京都会議が開会」の画像検索結果   「1997年 - 地球温暖化防止京都会議が開会」の画像検索結果「1997年 - 地球温暖化防止京都会議が開会」の画像検索結果
70「2016年 - ラー...」の画像検索結果「2016年 ラーマ1...」の画像検索結果「2016年 - ラー...」の画像検索結果「2016 รัชกาลที่...」の画像検索結果「2016年 - ラー...」の画像検索結果  

                                        The Editor's memo for this day!
                                         (Thursday, 30th, 2017)
My first work this morning is editing "No.317(Nov.29, 2017)"On November 28, 1942, the first Ford bomber, the B-24 Liberator, rolls off the assembly line"(Article studied for:"The First B-24 Bomber at Willow Run: A Production Miracle Begins!"). I made it rather quickly.(9:30)

My second work to be done was" No.318(Nov.30, 2017)"On November 29, 1952, President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower makes good on a campaign promise to go to Korea". I made those two of them rather fast with no Japanese articles for the editing.

If someone in trouble with constipation, encourage him or her to take a look at my Japanese edition of the top site, "October 30 edition". Big photos concerned would make the visitors understand a way of avoiding it even if the visitors do not understand  Japanese language.

Well, this is the last day of November, tomorrow the beginning of the last month of December in 2017. Many people say "Time flies kike an arrow". However, Yoshida never think that way with a thought of "I have done this and that in a way I never regret for the past days and time.

The the Philippine time now is past 10 pm, while in Japan time, 11 pm. I was up and at desk past 5 am this morning, meaning I have been at desk for more than 12 hours!, but never feel worn out. My big way of refreshing when I feel I need a little rest is moving to bed or on the floor mat with my way of stretching exercises while watching CNN or reading the subtitles. My hearing English is a bit troublesome with my ear dysacousis due to the old age.(22:00, 30th)

                             today@VOA &
This column is for editing what I call "the illustrated stories" with photos related with the events and news, so that the visitors could enjoy the stories in a visual ways. The former, "today@VOA" deals with historical events with the exception of week-ends, and the latter with stories who lived and dead with more than a hundred years old of his or her lives. My interest in the latter one comes from my strong will of living more than a hundred of years trying to make it with a thought of my mother who lived until 102, or my personal wish and will to live a life of the so-called "The longest lived Hibakusha(A-bomb survivor) with my thought of "Ms. Elbina Deans, the longest-lived suruvivor of the Titanic", and another target of a 119-year-old Filipina, Puerto Princesa, with the title of oldest living person in the Guinness Book of World Records.                              

                                         No.320(Dec. 1, 2017)
"On November 30, 1954, the first modern record of a meteorite striking a human occurs in Alabama,"
The lady in this article is the first and the only person hit by a meteorite. However, I came to know that a dog was hit in Egypt in 1911 before I was born(1931). (33-photo-attached)(131.73KB)

On This Day in American History
On November 30, 1954, the first modern record of a meteorite striking a human occurs in Alabama, when an 8.5-pound space rock slams through the roof of a house. The meteorite crashes into the living room and bounces off the radio before hitting a woman on the hip. The victim, who is sleeping on a couch at the time of impact, is not seriously injured, but she does end up with a nasty bruise along her hip and leg. (Photo: An attorney for the woman hit by the meteorite holds the space debris.)

22「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果     「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果 「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果
  「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果           「Hodges Meteorite」の画像検索結果       「Hodges Meteorite map」の画像検索結果「アラバマ州」の画像検索結果
  関連画像「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果   「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果   「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果   関連画像
     「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果 「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果 「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果「1954 Meteorite strikes Alabama woman」の画像検索結果「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果 
   関連画像関連画像 「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果  「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果   「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果 「Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges」の画像検索結果
    「year 1911」の画像検索結果「egypt」の画像検索結果「Nakhla meteorite」の画像検索結果「Nakhla meteorite」の画像検索結果 「Nakhla meteorite」の画像検索結果
     「in 1911 the little town of Nakhla」の画像検索結果 「In 1911, a dog in Egypt was killed by the Nakhla meteorite.」の画像検索結果
                  "1954 Meteorite strikes Alabama woman"(HISTORY)

                                       No.319(Nov.30, 2017)
       "Vera Shlakman, Professor Fired During Red Scare, Dies at 108"
Together with " ", I try to edit another EVENT I find in the New York Times "Obituary" who lived over 100 years with the spirit of my effort of living 120!!!(Laugh). My minimum target is to become "The oldest survivor of the Atomic Bomb" with another such as "The oldest survivor of the Titanic, Melvina Dean" and another the longest one who lived until  119 year old, and she was a Filipina!!  (19-photo-attached)(  .  KB)
「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果
   「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「the Columbia U...」の画像検索結果「the Columbia U...」の画像検索結果
  「2008 number」の画像検索結果「went word」の画像検索結果「blind word」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果
    「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「replied」の画像検索結果「I」の画像検索結果「never」の画像検索結果「lost word」の画像検索結果「my」の画像検索結果「honor word」の画像検索結果
    「Kimura, 110」の画像検索結果「Vera Shlakman」の画像検索結果「woman, 110」の画像検索結果
            "Vera Shlakman, Professor Fired During Red Scare, Dies at 108"
                               ( SAM ROBERTS)    

   An episode about Yoshida and Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist 
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