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          An episode about Yoshida and Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist
      (Now, under editing with deep dear memories going back to 1953)
            (The following article is a primitive stage of this article editing.)     The story about Mrs. Ann Adams, polio artist, and me dates back some 64 years ago when I was running an independent craftsman shop with a special skill in the sawmill band-saw filing technique, which, if I were to explain, would require a lot space... 
     It happened that the leading local newspaper in Hiroshima published a big article with a picture of her in the locking-bed tying to use an electric typewriter with a stick in her mouth installed above her head on the iron-lung. The title of the article was something like "the modern electric typewriter helps polio victim can use it even in an iron lung! In another word, the article seemed to be focusing the electric typewriter which make the patient use it with a light touch to the keyboards. 
As a polio victim myself, I sent a letter to encourage her through the newspaper company, which was the beginning of years correspondence.

     It was in 1953, she sent me some presents for my 20th birthday. A tie and a walking cane made of duralumin, which turned to be the beginning of my using a cane. I was somewhat shy of using a cane at that time, but it made me decide to depend on it in my walking activities. The cane served me ever since then, bringing it to the Philippines, now in sleep in a corner of my room. I remember the words I had it curved was "Presented by Mrs, Ann Adams, 1953", though the letters are almost disappearing.

     In 1993, when I made "One-month-investigation-trip for American trucking industry", I tried to see her. However, I was told that she had died in 1992, a year before that trip.

     Her son, Kenny, I remember with one of the photos she sent me, standing with her locking bed was a little boy, now running a clinic as seen in a line of photos in the second line. I vividly remember that when I told him in the phone, "I regret I have no time to visit your Mammy's grave this time...", he politely responded, "...I deeply appreciate your...".

     By the way, as my web visitors see, my web site editing works are made by checking the Google for the photos to-be-attached. I happened to try to put in "Mrs. Ann Adams", being surprised hitting hers drawing a picture with a stick in her mouth!, following so many her works! My intention is to edit this for a special column in my web sites,both English and Japanese editions with my dear memories of her....       
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