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Ever since June, 2009, I have been trying to write more English so that I could make this website more international. For example, the top page of July and August, 2009, has its full page of English version and continuing ever since.

Although my English writing ability is not good enough, I intend to make it as much as I can because I have fervent desire to send information to the world as an atomic bomb survivor testimony speaker and writer. This makes me not to hesitate to make mistakes in writing English in this website. My priority is to send the messages. I would appreciate, therefore, if the visitors are kind enough to let me know of anything concerning my English composition skill. I always try to be a good student of English language.  

As you see, every 23 site has a few lines of its introduction in English, which is to make the English language readers could have an image what the site tries to tell. Especially "Profile in English" is the one I tried to introduce myself in detail. The contents of my website are occupied with almost my writing records in the past to the present. The volume of the contents, if edited in the form of book, would be as equivarant as seven or eight books.

It is almost impossible for me, therefore, to translate each of my writings into English. So, I decided to pick up limited writings to translate into English and display them here so the English language readers could better understand my thought and activities through those sites.    

Among the site buttons shown in the upper part of the site, the ones which are subject to be written new and more are "A-bomb survivor testimony", "Philippines information", "Hitorigoto (monologue)", "Exclusive", "Mail magazine", "Scrolling message (shifted to Message of the week)", "English top page history" and this "English version."

Among those writing-in-sites, "the top page" and "the message of the week" are the ones I write regularly in English, the former every month the latter every Monday. The "message of the week" was formerly made in the form of "scrolling message", but editing file problem made me to change it in the solid type and name it "Message of the week".

As my adding words to other sites are so much that I find it almost impossible for me to have its English translation. The "Hitorigoto (monologue)" and "Exclusive" are the sites where I could find good opportunity to express what in mind and soul in my everyday life here. Whenever I face something that I feel like letting my English language visitor know, I would like to have its English translation as a special version each time and put them in this site.

The mail magazine in Japanese is sent once about a month. I am thinking of making a special one in English which I send to non Japanese at random as an a-bomb survivor appealing for my testimony. This activity would be one of the cones for me to materialize my final mission in various meaning. It would be one of the strategies in the age of Internet.

For more detail information about my career click my atutobiography "A-bomb and Me", the title of which I have recently changed.

August 28, 2009

  Yuuki Yoshida
           A-bomb Survivor Testimony Speaker-Writer & Health-Sound Life Adviser
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     The weekly message in the form of "scrolling(running)" on the top page has been shifted from this stage to the usual written site because of the the editing incapability for the file management. This message is written both in Japanese and English with the title as follows. The name "scrolling", however, would be kept as it is because of the dificulty of changing so many links under the name of it.  My English composition skill is inmatured. 
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Big error occurred in the process of remaking the new folder for the editing so that the "Message of the Week" from October 11, 2010 to January 3, 2011, 11-item, have been lost never to be returned. Please imagine the contents by the titles. (Jan 7, 2011)

16/05/2011/No.145  My autobiogrphy in Japanese as of the latest stage  The last chapter has just satarted
                                with "Challenge to the fourth stage of my life" 
09/05/2011/No.144  Meeting with another Yoshida-san and his Filipina wife in the Philippines
02/05/2011/No.143  What I feel in starting rewriting Japanese edition of my Autobiography
25/04/2011/No.142  Autobiography "Lively and vivdly my fourth stage of life goes!" once given up writing
                                                    but hinted to post in the website!

18/04/2011/No.141 Re-realized the value of "Fourth stage my life" with the internet and email in full use
11/04/2011/No.140 A week absence from internet for disconnection  Made it significane and fun
04/04/2011/No.139  A month passed since moved to the new house  Village with 500-house in a nice environment
28/03/2011/No.138  Meeting with a Japanese and his Filipina wife who came from Japan
21/03/2011/No.137  Aching heart for the awful 3.11 tragedy in mother country continuing
                                  Yet with strong mind and heart in daily lives

14/03/2011/No.136  How I spent the last week with mother country sad huge disaster "3-11" in between 
07/03/2011/No.135  Writing and editing the website reopened right after moved to the new house in full swing 28/02/2011/N0.134  Moving to the new house has finished OK!  Everything is excellent making me more energetic!
21/02/2011/No.133  One-week-life with and old partment and new house going back and forth in joy
14/02/2011/No.132  Well-prepared for moving to the new house with small things transfered by myself
                                with emptied funiture to be moved
07/02/2011/No.131  Third moving in a couple of years--A single house life with dream and real self autonomus life-- 
31/01/2011/No.130  What I think in occasion of my life in the Philippines for 2-year
24/01/2011/No.129  My website worked!  Given an opportunity of communication 
                                with  a Japanese businessperson active abroad

17/01/2011/No.128  Ink refilling service shop and the chat with the Filipina operator
10/01/2011/No.127  Big mistake!  Many files lost in the editing process!
03/01/2011/No.126  How I spent the new year's days
27/12/2010/No.125  The last weekly message for 2010
20/12/2010/No.124  Big chat in a near post office
13/12/2010/No.123  Wonderful present given to the No.42 Philippines mail mgazine  

Dec  6, 2010  "The deregulation of foreign dentists and nurses working in Japan 
Nov 29,2010  A guest from Japan drove me to make the test-driving the Metro Manila for fun! 
Nov 22,2010  Celine charmed me with her mysterious and siritual voice, encouraging me to write on and on!
Nov 15,2010  My strong recommendation for "CD; ALL THE WAY..." by Celine Dion
Nov  8,2010   NHK Oversea TVs   "NHK World" & "NHK Premium" 
Nov  1, 2010  I saw my nephew Kazufumi Yamashita, orchestra conductor, in the NHK, first time in a couple of years!
Oct 25, 2010  What I think at the time I have the 79th birthday soon   
Oct 18, 2010   "English language learning is endless", Mr. Shuuji Yoshida.  TV "Long live Hundred-year-old man!" 
Oct 11, 2010   I learned a lot by the first drive alone to Metro Manila 
Oct 4, 2010   September was full of my writing about Senkaku Islands and others
Sept 27, 2010  Eat first what you like best    Which is yours?
Sept 20, 2010  Hand writing or type writing?   Which is yours?
Sept 13, 2010  The renewed main page of the website on 9.11   For what?
Sept  6,2010 A Japanese student in the English study trip to the Philippines said this to me
Aug 30,2010  Busy week with partial attendence to the language study group from Japan
Aug 23,2010   Discoveries while walking in the mall   Independent spirit becoming bigger 
Aug 16,2010  A man of 79-year old soon enjoys the life of full work in an independent way. 
Aug  9,2010   My advocacy of "2010-65th" of the A-bomb Aniversary had its significance
Aug 2,2010  The Month August Reminds Us Japanese of Something
Jul 26,2010   I learned how to enjoy the brownout by the typhoon
Jul 19,2010
  Happy with my first cooking challenge
Jul 12,2010  My Life in the Philippines; High-Temperature-Humidity-Subtropical Climate in 25C average 
Jul  5,2010   New life in University apartment brings me the good opportunity for food life change
Returned from Hong Kong for “get-out-of-the country" after 16-month stay for further extension
Jun21,2010  With new semester in UPHS, more communication with students makes me feel young! 
"A-bomb and Me”, restared for translation  and reviewing
Jun 7,2010  After 16-month stay here is needed for one time out of the country
May31,2010  The letter of claim with application for internet speed grade up
May24,2010  My thought about the 18-day absence from Internet, E-mail, Phone and fax  
May17,2010  The second move in the University campus made me go "tospy-turvy"        
May10,2010 "Drive” to Batangas for Philippines President election 
May 3,2010  New life in the University dormitory started
Apr26,2010  The first job after moved to the dormitory of UPHS is the interview to the students
Apr19,2010  My residence move to UPHS(University of Perpetual Help System) dormitory
Apr12, 2010     Episode brought by the photo of “Miss Earth Philippines Candidates"  
Apr 5, 2010      Harmonica Play in Boyhood, Revival Now  in New Heart                           
March 29, 2010    Unexpected big gain out of the new computer with wider display                       
March 22, 2010
    The Writer's stance for the mail magazine from Philippines
March 15, 2010     The new layout for the Mail Magazine from Philippines
March 8, 2010    The new layout for the Mail Magazine from Philippines 
                          Modernization of office equiptments    making me young and energetic! 
March 1, 2010     El Nino hastened the generator installing  Chile huge earthquake
Feb.22, 2010 Two-day drives for sight seeing House of General Emilio Aguinaldo, first President of Philippines and others
February 15, 2010   Drives in "Moments of leisure even on the busiest of days", lots of significant experiences   
February 8, 2010    Newly bought car makes my life more wide and active  
February 1, 2010   One year has passed this day since I moved to Philippines
January 25, 2010   There were floods of writing motivation last week 
January 18, 2010   I posted "Open question letter to Presidents of Anti Nuclear Bomb Japan Confederation &
                      Anti Nuclear Bomb Japan National Confederation
January 11, 2010    "Q&A" on the end of the toppage   Big will and motivation for writing
January  4, 2010     What I think in my first life in the year-end & year-beginning in Philippines
December.28, 2009 
My Christmas in the Philippines (continued from the last week)
December 21, 2009  My first Christmas season in the Philippines, the Catholic Kingdom 
December 14, 2009 The statement by the Mayors of Hiroshima&Nagasakin invited the unexpected top page semi renewal   
December 7, 2009  
An episode of my visit to the Santa Rosa Immigration office for visas' extension
November 30, 2009  Reflection from the last week's theme 
November 23, 2009 
Where there is vacancy, there is significance, value and joy  
November 16, 2009 The new wonderful command of view the typhoon has given to the window

November 9, 2009 Watching Japanese and Filipinos from abroad(Continuationof the last week message)
November 2, 2009 Filipinos' deep culture I saw and felt in a birthday party  
October 26, 2009  Why Japanese wish Presidetn Obama visits a-bomb cities so much? 
October 19, 2009
     I have started my activity as an a-bomb survivor testimony writer in full swing and boldly
October 12,2009 The news of President Obama's visit to Japan and Hiroshima-Nagasaki threw me into confusion last week 
October 5, 2009  Persistent effort of sending information gives tiny but satisfactory joy
September 28, 2009 Mr. President Obama's words at 8th Anniversary of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is impressive
September 21, 2009 
My greeting cards from the Philippines to the New Year's cards I received 
September 14, 2009  How nice to have something to write and be able to write it!
September 7, 2009 An episode of my switching from LDP to DPL
August 31, 2009  Good-mannered audience at the outdoor show   
August 24, 2009  English language sites invite globalization?
August 17, 2009  Pearl Harbor survivors vs A-bomb survivors  
August 3, 2009  Aquino ex-President of the Philippines dies           

This column written in Japanese has come to No. 99 as of November 19, 2010. I can hardly catch up with its English translation, for which I am sorry for the English visitors.


No.119  "The gap of culture in mentality and spirituarity" seen in the words 
                                         The reason why Japanese words have so many Katakanas  (1/24) 
No.118  "Do I look outstanding?" Hazama's words for adventure trip  My thought about his motivation and deed (1/24)
No.117  Question to the Japanese superiority complex of "Japan-home-made"  (1/19)
No.116  Questionable theries of solution or answer to dpression  (1/16)
No.115  My way and motivation of keeping good health and its reality for my readers' information  (1/12)
No.114  The newly built column "The words I find good and real to keepin mind"  (1/11)
No.113  What a pity!  Young Japanese negative attitude towards studying abroad  (1/10)
No.112  What I think upon the news of Hiroshima Mayor Akiba resgining  (2011/1/5)
No.111  Lucky! Never felt "Time flys like an arrow"  I did this and that in satisfaction!  (12/31) 
No.110  A Sequel to "Brothers an sisters are the beginning of strangers"  My view of life and death  (12/29)
No.109  Ichiro Ozawa urged "Revolution" to Kyoto Univ. students! 
                                                      It was in May 2002!  Wish the dream comes true  (12/26)
No.108  Excellent performance by British students in the moot lower house debate
                                                   No room for Japanese youth to compete with them!  (12/25)

No.107  Japanese lacks "Family love"!?  "Brothers and sisters are the beginning of strangers"!?  (12/22)
No.106 "We are apt to try to speak rather than try to let the partner listen"  (12/20)
"I've been driving with a temporary license"(Prime Minister)  Ozawa unlicensed!? 
                                                                                 Japan would become "Fat loser"   (12/14)
No.104 "Witnessed the tragedies of the Yamato and A-bomb" vs "Aimed at being the last survivor of A-bomb" (12/8)
No.103  Even if the winner of the nuclear war tastes like ashes in the mouth, 
                                we would never hesitate to use it if it unavoidable (Kennedy)   (12/5) 
No.102 Japanese are good at immitating   Why not make it in a way as you like?  (12/5)
No.101 Students in the ice age of job shortage should challenge to work for small & medium companies!  (11/25) 
No.100 No.100
Yukio Mishima's prophecy seems to be coming true!?  Miserable future of Japan  (11/21)
No.99  Why so often Japanese politician make slip of toungue!? 
                              The fault goes to the shallow democracy of Japanese  (11/19)
"Trends of the South and North coming close" & "The World is Flat"   Deflation Mechanism?  (11/17)
No.97  "I hate a-bomb, but we can never erase hatred with hatred."   (11/16)
No.96  Shinsuke Kishi once said,
            "If Kakuei ever wins the administration, I would seek asylum in Korea", only by word.  (11/9)
No.95  Nobel-Prize-rich-country Japan would not last so long with its name  (11/7)
No.94   Japan needed a choice between two things?  "Nuclear armed" or "Harmless thirdclass country"??  (11/2)
No.82  "If Japanese are left as they are, they will become wimp like the Konnyaku   (9/4)  
“Dubious Japan?  Splendid Japan?" or "Eccentric Japan? Normal Japan?"  Which is your judgement?   (8/31)

No.80  Continuation of the 65th anniversary of the end of the War  (8/15)
No.79   The 65th anniversary of end of the World War II reminds me of something abroad  (8/14)
No.78   What a crazy advocacy of "walking out the Nuclea Umbrela" in the Hiroshima Peace Declaration!  (8/5)
No.77 The words of the a-bomb memorial Epidech teaches the basic spirit of Reconsiliation.  (7/30)
No.76 Mr. Sou's essay reminds me of something  (7/23)
No.75  The Koreans "Kirogi appa" and  the Japanese parents and children relationship  (7/20)
No.74  The gap of the rich and the poor tends t become bigger  How to live?  (7/14)
No.73  The Japanese language consistancy of having no gramatical subject    (7/9)
No.72  Continue to do what you feel like doing it; Mizuki's Seven Rules of Happiness   (7/9)
No.71  Tokyo Shimbun column  “Japanese young people is like a well-trained cat” is right!  (4/23)
No.70  Japanese language is vague  Writer Hisashi Inoue has my sympathy   (4/14)
No.69  Japan is No. 1 in the number of committing suicide among the developed countries.  (312)
No.68  I think of the Tokyo air raid as an a-bomb survivor  (3/10)
No.67  Hiroshima Mayor's letter to President Obama writes false about Hibakushas   (2/9)
No.66.  My request of disclosure of the Mayor's letter to the White House not granted; The plan of Ford Administration of visiting a-bomed cities disclosed  (2/11)   
Contradiction I find in what Hiroshima Mayor said in an interview when returned  (2/1)
No.64   When I read the real newspaper article about Mayor's meeting with President   (1/27)  

No. 63 (Open question Letter) Dear Mr. Mayor of Hiroshima;Concerning your remarks to President Obama  (1/25)
No.58  "The Protocol of Hiroshima & Nagasaki" discrepancies seen in the assembly  What about the Mayors' "the spirit of reconciliation the Hibakushas long held"?   (12/20)
What is meant by "the spirit of reconciliation" between the a-bomb dropper and the sufferers?  (11/20) 
No.54   Same spirit seen in the words of Abraham Lincoln and President Barack Obama 
No.53  Prime Minister Hatoyama' statement at the general assembly   "the challenged" vs "handicapable"  (10/28)
No.52  "A-bomb Quickened War End", nobody but only a-bomb survivors could say for anonement of the deads  (10/23)
No.49   Japanese live the longest in the world ; Let us send to the world ・スE・スgthe culture of how to live in the aging   society
No.47  Big changes of my life overlap the big changes of Japanese society and economy 
 Hitorigoto(Monologue)N0.46; Meeting with the statue of Virgin Mary who moved to my room and its episode
Arizona Memorial Hall under which lies the warship Arizona sinks is the place for repose of souls. It is better for us to visit it, and reconsider the history of the United States and Japan(Hitorigoto No.45)


No.43  President Obama will not visit Hiroshima on this coming November.  He is right!!   (9/18) 
No.42 The oil rig accident reminds me of my dear memory of “The Ocean Ranger”    (7/14)
No.40 When President comes, we pave a way and environment for him to be accepted, Mayor   (1/22)       
No.38  Penning another book of "A-bomb and Me"  (11/12)      

No.37  President Obama visits a-bombed cities during his Presidency!  will pave a better way for his coming  (11/10)
No.36  An opportunity of "Excellent chance of Sottaku"     
No.33  Mr.President Obama said something very emotional for Hibakushas at Pentagon on 8th 9.11
No.30  "Eleven-Year-Old Boy Walks to Help Homeless Children"
No.31 Reunion through e-mail with the ex-foreign student whom I met in our Hiroshima University study
No.29 (Open  letter) Dear Mr. President Obama, Let us forgive each other, but never forget.

Philippines information


English mail magazine and others   

 No.2  English language and I --My 80-year life story with English language learning--  (2010/10/28~)
No.1 Newsletter by BCC to the English language readers  (2009/10/30)

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