I would like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to a number of people who have made a special contribution to this project.
     My dear and landlord Mr. Jose C. Sosa and his wife Yolly inspired me in keeping my living environment so that I could devote myself into writing this book by all possible way of taking care of my daily livelihood in the best environment. Pepe, his nick name, is the very person who encouraged me to make the title of “A-bomb and Me”.
     My special thanks and appreciation go to his younger sister Mrs. Carina Mouri, who lives and works in Hiroshima, Japan, as English conversation teacher, for more than twenty years with her Japanese husband and two daughters.
     It happened that I attended her lecture in a small group of people in Hiroshima in the year of 2006, where they invite a lecturer every month for study. Upon her knowing of my plan of living abroad for my retirement life as an “a-bomb survivor testimony writer and speaker”, she encouraged me to choose her mother country the Philippines as the place for me to live. My first applicant country was Malaysia where my nephew and his family lived long on his business for good information.
     Another deep appreciation and my thanks go to Pepe’s daughter Jenny’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Kathleen Becker, an American business person and writer as well, who, knowing my plan of making a-bomb survivor testimony speaker and writer activities encouraged me to write a book in English and publish in the United States as its priority.
     To say the truth, I have never thought of publishing my English written book in America. I did have a thought, however, of making it in Japanese in Japan.
     Ever since I entered in what I call “the third stage of life”, as a business consultant, it has been in my mind that someday, I need to pen a new novel called “Autobiography”. For the lecturer, it would be better to have his own autobiography as the introduction of his personal history.
     As a matter of fact, I have written up the one with some 200-page and ready at any time to publish when the time comes with additional comments about my recent activities.
     A publishing company in Tokyo, the one which published my first book “              “(364-page) in the year of 2004, recommended to publish before leaving Japan for here in the Philippines. I declined, however, to accept their offer for my moving residence abroad in the rest of my life.
     The manuscript of the autobiography, written in the form of a book, has its total page of some 250-page, if written in English with additional issues I am tackling now would exceeds more than 400-page.
     The interesting thing about it is that I lost the set of its files of the Microsoft Word, only remained printed papers. I brought my belongings here to this country by cargos. An interesting thing happened about the cargo. Among the three big cargos packed in the big paper boxes, some of the cargos were taken out for over weight reasons or something, which I came to know days later to give up to regain.
     My thought is that if the Japanese manuscript of this book were among the lost, it would have been a terrible misery indeed. I once even determined to rewrite it from the very beginning in Japanese when needed.
     When I think of the fact that now I am using the printed papers for its English translation, I could not help feeling so happy indeed I never lost it! What makes me more happy is that I do not have to do the same thing, I mean, rewrite or retype the same thing in Japanese any more, which is impossible to do it, though. This I say because my necessity is to write it in English, which requires real manuscript and that I do have it in my hand never to loose.
     Lastly, I would like to write about my motivation of penning this novel. As written on the cover, I have two main reasons. On October 28 2009, I disclosed an “(Open letter)Dear Mr. President of the United States” and “My a-bomb survivor Testimony after the 65-year silence--based on three viewpoints--“ The former is one-page while the latter with some 10,000 words.
     This book is the longest one that I describe what I have thought about the atomic bomb and how I tackled with my destiny of facing it. It would be my great pleasure if this gives the readers some idea of importance of positive interpretation and acceptance of the issue.
     My final wish is that 65 years ago the both countries fought each other and yet helped each other for mutual prosperity. Why not come to say, “Let us forgive each other but never forget”. If this novel gives some motivation for that, it would be the writer’s happiest thing in all his life. Thank you.