The third stage of my life(Secod volume)
            Lecturing themes widened
   Appointed as Specialized Lecturer  for Hiroshima      
         Prefectural Safe-Driving Managers Ass. Inc. 

In my second stage of life in the trucking industry, I had been appointed as executive in various organizations, such as the local Traffic Safety Associations Inc. and the Corporation Tax Organization Inc. as the vice president, to say nothing of many statuses in the Trucking associations Inc. for the national and the local.
      The former belongs to the local police station. During my long years of service as its vice president, I got deeply acquainted with the successive chief officers. One of them, after retirement, became the secretary-general of the Hiroshima Prefectural Safe-Driving Managers Association Inc.

      This is the national organization throughout Japan established in each prefecture throughout the country. This organization came into the national system when the traffic law brought in a rule that the company (None trucking), which possesses more than five vehicles, is obligated to keep a safe-driving manager who is placed as managing the safety driving for the employees. The association is to educate the managers.
(To be continued)