Part 5
The third stage of my life(Secod volume)
            Lecturing themes widened

I began to play what I call gThe third stage of my lifeh at the age of 62 in 1993. During some 12 years, I wrote so many articles in the trucking newspapers and magazines firstly with the theme of the deregulation of the trucking industry, namely, gThe abolishment of the minimum number of trucksh, which meant the introduction of the gOwner-Operator Systemh in this country. The record of my writings is quite an amount in the volume, and most of them have been posted in the website, which I opened in March 2001. At the age of 74, I expanded my lecturing career in none trucking fields so that I would like to write about them as the second stage of my life story of the third.
      My lecturing work has long been ever since in the field of the one limited mainly for the company employees of the three clients, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Niigata. However, my reputation begins to bring me opportunities of making lectures in other fields. It would be significant for me to keep them in the record of my life in the third stage of my life