Part 4
The third stage of my life
            as  business consultant
      (6-Story 3)  
       The reunion with an American whom I knew
               in the first visit to America in 1988

     On the same day at the hotel, I had a reunion with an American, whom I got acquainted in the Northwest plane on my first trip to America in 1988. His name was Mathew, a technician in the computer, I remember. He sat in my front seat, and we began to talk a lot. We took many pictures together and exchanged card so we could make contact for meeting again someday in the future. Five years of no contact continued. In those days, we had no e-mail communication.
     I called him on the phone from the hotel. He ran to the hotel, where we together with the Japanese men took super. After super he invited me for another drink in the hotel lobby bar. We talked about life until past 1 a.m. I found him a man of philosophy or the like. When he knew about my life what with my changing vocations not my own will but others and even about my divorce, he said something meaningful, which I wrote down for later days. He said, gWe all have burdens to bear. It is not so much the burdens that counts, but the way you bear it.h My regret is that my letter addressed him later days did not reach him to be sent back. He is one of the Americans I really want to have a reunion.