Part 4
The third stage of my life
            as  business consultant
    The book first given me in Detroit, the car Mecca
By the way, the first time I ever landed my first feet in the States was in June 1988 at the same Detroit. The fifth year, since the last and first visit. As described earlier in the second stage of my life, the visit was for the rust protection business of Ziebart.
My second visit to Ziebart International in five years made the president Hartman say to me, gYou look far much younger than five years ago!h I was glad. I told him about the braces I use on my leg and foot that make me stand straight, that I changed my wife much younger than I am, that is why.
     On the third day, I visited a branch office of a big company that has a world network. My brother-in-law made the reservation for my investigation. To my surprise, some six or seven staffs were waiting for me in a conference room. I was at a loss for a moment what to begin with. They were ready to answer my questions. My habit of gnot well-plannedh was played there again.
     One of the attendants, who was the director of the company, returned his room and brought with him a book and gave it to me, saying gYou would find all the answers you want to make here. You shall have it.h
     The book is gManagement of Owner-Operator Fleetsh by David Mystar, professor of Harvard University, 1989. It is a very precious and treasure-like book for owner-operator system. After my return to Japan, I tried to contact with the professor, but I was known that he died of lunge cancer a few years before