Part 4
The third stage of my life
            as  business consultant
Compromise settlement made Logitant, Inc. registered 

The final date of the settlement of the compromise that I had asked the attorneys to accomplish was September 30, 1993. They kept the date exactly on the same day. The money came into my hands in the cash of ten million yean plus some by the monthly promissory notes for five years.
     I brought the ten million yen to the bank with all the paper works properly made and finished the registration perfectly as planned on the day of October 7. Three days before the day, the newspaper published a column article with my photo that reported my new start. The day after the registration, I posted 2500 sealed letters for my retirement, and after a week interval, I posted another 2500 sealed letters for the new company build up and my life plan.
     What is more, the day before the new company registration day, the newspaper published the first edition of my article on the Owner-Operator System.