Part 4
The third stage of my life
            as  business consultant
          Documents before establishing new firm
                              (Two stories)

I began to talk with the family of the founder, mainly with the younger brother of my ex-wife through each attorneys. The main subject was to discuss the amount of money for my retirement money. My accomplishment that I made for the companies in a term of 32-year was quite a lot. It was proper for me to demand an equivalent amount of money. The real value of a stock was some twenty times as much of the original value, though counted in that bubble economy.
     The negotiation between the attorneys seemed so tough as the family took the position of paying the less regardless of my accomplishment. They were so greedy as to pay me as less as they could. Their attorney even confessed to my attorney that he never met a man like that.
     It took some six months before we came to an agreement, better to say, a compromise on my side. Behind the compromise, I was obliged to make was that I needed the sum of ten million yen for the capital investment of a new firm I had planned to establish as soon as I become free. In those days, the incorporated company must be capitalized at least ten million yen.
     Unfortunately, I did not have enough savings for making the bank account with ten millions yen for new company registration. I was not good at saving the money partly because I did not try to appropriate the company for my own benefit.
     You know, in my life process, everything happened, not to my will. I lived and made the decision each time not in a way that I planned well but unplanned. As written in the very beginning, my life started at the moment when I was stricken with polio, which was nothing but unplanned