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today@VOA&NYTimes.com" into two columns of "Today@VOA" and "NYTimes.com", all the following links hereafter were broken unable to open, so that the Editor gave up to regain the lost.

www.a-bombsurvivor.com/A-bomb and Me/2014.10.28.newweb/topbottommessage/englishedition/english.todayevent.200-300.html/yoshidadiary_eng.No.401-No.800.html
                                              Today@VOA  New!
                                         No.607.Jan.15. 2019.
"On Jan. 15, 1967, the first Super Bowl is played at the Los Angeles Coliseum."
                    "1967 Packers beat Chiefs in first Super-HISTORY"
                      "1967, the first Super Ball-pictures-Wikipedia"
                "Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum-Wikipedia"                                                    (The 37-photo-attached file/180.94KB)

       Image result for 1967Image result for , the Green Bay Packers Image result for smashImage result for Kansas City Chiefs,Image result for 35Image result for to wordImage result for 10
           Image result for Packers   Image result for Kansas City Chiefs,
        Image result for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL) smash the American Football League (AFL)’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10,   Image result for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL) smash the American Football League (AFL)’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10,
        Image result for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL) smash the American Football League (AFL)’s Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10,Image result for No Sell Out     Related image
                  Image result for later      Image result for known  Image result for asImage result for each player on the team collected a $15,000 prize.
          Image result for $15,000 prize.Image result for eachImage result for the Green Bay Packers
     Image result for Green Bay quarterback Bart StarrImage result for Green Bay quarterback Bart StarrImage result for Green Bay quarterback Bart StarrImage result for Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr
     Image result for Green Bay quarterback Bart StarrImage result for Green Bay quarterback Bart StarrImage result for Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr   Image result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player   Image result for Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr      
    Image result for Green Bay Coach Vince LombardiImage result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player. Image result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player. Image result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player.Image result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player.
     Image result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player.  Related imageImage result for Bart Starr was named the game’s most valuable player.

                                         No.606.Jan.14. 2019.
"On Jan. 14, 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt arrives in Casablanca, French North Africa(now Morocco), and becomes the first sitting..."
     "1943 Roosevelt and Churchill begin Casablanca Conference-HISTORY"
                      "1943 Casablanca Conference-Wikipedia-pictures"    
                         "Casablanca Conference-In Roosevelt History"
            "Franklin Roosevelt Administration: Table of Contents-Radio Address"
    "Movie 'Air force one 1943'-pictures"   "Boeing 314 Clipper-Wikipedia"
                        (The 30-photo-attached file/149.91KB) 

                                         No.605.Jan.12. 2019.
 "On January 11, 1908, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt declares the Grand Canyon a national monument."
  "1908 Theodore Roosevelt makes Grand Canyon a national monument-HISTORY"
   "Theodore Roosevelt makes Grand Canyon a national monument-pictures"    
   "Grand Canyon-Wikipedia-pictures"    "Grand Canyon-Wikipedia"
                        (The 70-photo-attached file/255.56KB)

                                        No.604.Jan.11. 2019.
"On January 10, 1901, prospectors strike oil at Spindletop Hill near Beaumont, Texas."
                 "Spindletop-HISTORY"      "Spindletop Hill oil-pictures"    
                        (The 34-photo-attached file/351.58KB)                    

                                          No.602.Jan.9. 2019.
 "On January 8, 1962, the Mona Lisa is exhibited for the first time in the United States at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C."
            "1962 Mona Lisa exhibited in Washington-HISTORY"
          "1962, the Mona Lisa is exhibited for the first time-PICTURES"                                               "Mona Lisa-Wikipedia"
                        (The 35-photo-attached file/104.64KB) 

                                       No.601.Jan.8. 2019.
 "On January 7, 1953, President Harry S. Truman announces the United States has developed the hydrogen bomb."
      "1953 Truman announces U.S. has developed hydrogen bomb-HISTORY"
     "1953 Truman announces U.S. has developed hydrogen bomb-PICTURES"
                                       "Nuclear weapon-Wikipedia"
                      (The 35-photo-attached file/   .  KB)

                                        No.600.Jan.4. 2019.
"On January 4, 1896, Utah becomes the 45th state of the United States."                                "1896 Utah enters the Union-HISTORY"
                           "1847 Mormons settle Salt Lake Valley-HISTORY"
               "1896, Utah becomes the 45th state of the United States-Picture"
                "Utah-Wikipedia"   (The 75-photo-attached file/268.43KB)

                                        No.597(1.1. 2018)
On December 31, 1879, inventor Thomas Alva Edison demonstrates his incandescent light bulb..."
                  "1879 Edison demonstrates incandescent light-HISTORY
          "Thomas Alva Edison-Wikipedia"       "Thomas Alva Edison-photos
       "Incandescent light bulb-Wikipedia"   "List of Edison patents-Wikipedia"
Thomas Edison words-pictures"     (The 87-photo-attached file/353.72KB)  

                                       No.596(12.28. 2018)
"On December 28, 1954, actor Denzel Washington is born in Mount Vernon, New York.
          The photos are the ones Editor mainly selected from the sites below

                        " "1954 Denzel Washington born-HISTORY""
         "Danzel Washington-photos"      "Actor Denzel Washington-photos
                             (The 45-photo-attached file/263.08KB)

                                        No.594(12.26. 2018)
  "On December 26, 1941, Winston Churchill becomes the first British prime minister to address the U.S. Congress.
                  "1941 Churchill addresses Congress-HISTORY"
                    "1941 Churchill addresses Congress-photos
     "Winston Churchill: Address to the Congress of the United States-Jewish Virtual Livruary"   
  "Winston Churchill-Wikipedia"        (The 60-photo-attached file/209.78KB)

                                       No.593(12.21. 2018)
"On December 21, 1988, Pan American Airlines flight 103 from London to New York is destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland,...
          The photos are the ones Editor mainly selected from the sites below

                  "Remembering the 1988 Lockerbie Bombing-HISTORY"
                    "1988 lockerbie bombing pictures-pictures-Wikipedia
     "Pan Am Flight 103-Wikipedia" "Lockerbie scotland plane crash-Wikipedia"
                                (The  62-photo-attached file/165.07KB)

                                         No.591(12.19. 2018)
"On December 19, 1732, Benjamin Franklin publishes the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack .
            The photos are the ones Editor mainly selected from the sites below

                    "1732 Poor Richard’s Almanack is published-HISTORY"
   "1732 Poor Richard’s Almanack-Wikipedia"       "Benjamin Franklin-Wikipedia"
"Poor Richard's Almanack-Wikipedia”   "Poor Richard's Almanack-Photos
  "1732, Benjamin Franklin publishes the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack"
                          "The Emancipation Proclamation(Wikipedia)"
                                (The 62-photo-attached file/214.93KB)

                                        No.590(12.18. 2018)
"On December 18, 1865, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is formally adopted ensuring “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude …
            The photos are the ones Editor mainly selected from the sites below

                                    "13th Amendment(HISTORY)"
      "Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution(Wikipedia)"                              "The Emancipation Proclamation(Wikipedia)"
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude … shall exist within the United States,   or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
                         "Battle Over The 13th Amendment-Wikipedia"
                          "The Emancipation Proclamation(Wikipedia)"
                              (The 57-photo-attached file/207.37KB)                             

                                       No.589(12.17. 2018)
 "On December 17, 1777, France officially recognizes the United States as an independent country.
       "1777 France formally recognizes the United States(HISTORY)"                              "France in the American Revolutionary War(Wikipedia)"
1777 France formally recognizes the United States(Photos)"
(The 14-photo-attached file/107.64KB)

                                         No.588(12.14. 2018)
 "On December 14, 2012, a gunman storms Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 first graders and...
2012 Sandy Hook shooting occurs in Newtown, Connecticut(HISTORY)"                       "Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting(Wikipedia)"
2012,  Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy(Photos)"
                            (The 45-photo-attached file/187.64KB)                                

                                   No.587(12.13. 2018)
"On December 13, 2000, then Vice President Al Gore concedes defeat to then Texas Governor George W. Bush in in the 2000 presidential election.
"2000 Al Gore concedes presidential election(HISTORY)"                
     "Al Gore(Wikipedia)"   "
2000 Al Gore concedes presidential election(Photos)"
                                (The 45-photo-attached file/257.18KB)

                                      No.586(12.12. 2018)
 "On December 12, 1917, Father Edward J. Flanagan, opens the doors to a home for troubled and neglected children near Omaha, Nebraska. "           
"1917 Father Flanagan establishes Boys Town(History)"                
              "Father Flanagan(Wikipedia)"   "
Boys Town (organization)"
    "Flanagan "Boys Town"(Photos)"     (The 49-photo-attached file/175.95KB)

                                      No.585(12.11. 2018)
"On December 11, 2008, financier Bernard Madoff is arrested in his New York apartment after being charged with running a giant..."  
2008 Billionaire conman Bernard Madoff arrested(HISTORY)"
        "Bernard Madoff
(Wikipedia)"        ( The 21-photo-attached file/144.36KB )

                                        No.584(12.10. 2018)
"On December 10, 1967, soul music legend Otis Redding is among seven killed in a plane crash near Madison, Wisconsin."
    "1967 Music star dies in Wisconsin plane crash(HISTORY)"
           "Otis Redding(Wikipedia)"     "Otis Redding, plane accident(Photos)"
                                  (The 58-photo-attached file/274.86KB)

                                      No.583(12.7. 2018)
On December 7, 1941, at 7:48 a.m. local time, nearly 400 Japanese warplanes descend on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor..."                 
Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?(HISTORY)
Attack on Pearl Harbor(Wikipedia)"     "1941 pearl harbor(Photos)"
                                  (The 55-photo-attached file/260.49KB)

              No.582(12.6. 2018)
"On December 6,1884, workers complete the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.,"                 
1884 Washington Monument completed(HISTORY)
Washington Monument(Wikipedia)"     "Pierre Charles L'Enfant(Wikipedia)"
                             "Washington Monument construction(photos)"
                                  (The 52-photo-attached file/162.94KB)

                                     No.581(12.5. 2018) 
"On December 5, 1933, the prohibition of alcohol in the United States ends with the passage of the 21st Amendment." 

                            "1933 Prohibition ends(HISTORY)
"Prohibition in the United States(Wikipedia)"
                          "Prohibition in the United States(photos)"
                         (The 45-photo-attached file/234.33  KB)

                                       No.580(12.4. 2018)
                "1783 Washington bids farewell to his officers(HISTORY)"
                             "George Washington(Wikipedia)"     "(photos)"
                                (The 70-photo-attached file/211.36KB)

                                       No.579(12.3. 2018)            
                   "On December 3, 1818, Illinois becomes a state."                 
1818 Illinois becomes the 21st state(HISTORY)
"Illinois(Wikipedia)"     "Illinois(photos)"  
                                (The 50-photo-attached file/204.25 KB)

                                         No.578(11.30. 2018)            
"On November 30, 1835, American writer Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, is born in Florida, Missouri."                 
1835 Mark Twain is born(HISTORY)"   "Mark Twain(Wikipedia)"  
   "Mark Twain(photos)        (The 44-photo-attached file/239.66KB)

                                       No.577(11.29. 2018)            
 "On November 29, 1963 President Lyndon B. Johnson establishes the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination..."                 
1963 Johnson establishes Warren Commission(HISTORY)
"Warren Commission(Wikipedia)"
                                      "Warren Commission(photos)"
                                (The 35-photo-attached file/198.32KB)

                                   No.576(11.28. 2018)            
 "On November 28, 1925, the Grand Ole Opry begins live radio broadcasting from Nashville, Tennessee. "                 
1925 The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting(HISTORY)
"1925 The  Grand Ole Opry(Wikipedia:photo)"
                                      "The Grand Opry(Wikipedia)"
                                (The 42-photo-attached file/284.29KB)    

              No.575(11.27. 2018)            
"On November 27, 1940, martial artist and film star Bruce Lee is born in San Francisco."       
1940 Bruce Lee born(HISTORY)"   "Bruce Lee(Wikipedia:photo)"
                              (The 51-photo-attached file/126.71KB)     
                                   "1940 Bruce Lee born(HISTORY)"   

                                     No.574(11.26. 2018)            
 "On November 26, 1942, the movie Casablanca premieres in New York City."                  "1942 Casablanca premieres in NYC(HISTORY)"
       "Casablanca (film)(Wikipedia)"   "Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman."
                             (The 37-photo-attached file/243.94KB)

                                     No.573(11.23. 2018) 
"On November 23, 1936, the first issue of the pictorial news and general interest magazine, Life , is published."
                        "1936  First issue of Life is published(HISTORY)"
     "Life (magazine)(WIKIPEDIA)"        "Margaret Bourke-White(WIKIPEDIA)"         

                                          No.572(11.21. 2018)                                        
On November 21, 1877, American inventor Thomas Edison announces he’s invented the phonograph, "
"1877 Edison’s first great invention(HISTORY)"
                                  "Thomas Edison(Wikipedia)"     
1877, American inventor Thomas Edison announces he’s invented the phonograph, a device which allows the recording and playback of audio(photos)"
                      "1877 Edison’s first great invention(HISTORY)"

                                       No.571(11.20. 2018)                                        
On November 20, 1955, legendary musician Bo Diddley makes his television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show ."
"1955 Bo Diddley makes his national television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show(HISTORY)"                                              
        "Bo Diddley(Wikipedia)"       "legendary musician Bo Diddley(photos)"
  "1955 Bo Diddley makes his national television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show"
                                       No.570(11.19. 2018)                                        
On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln delivers his famous “Gettysburg Address”"
                   "1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address(HISTORY)"                                                       "Gettysburg Address(Wikipedia)"    
Alexander Gardner (photographer)(Wikipedia)"
               "1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address(HISTORY)"

                                       No.569(11.16. 2018)                                        
On November 16, 2001, the first movie adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books opens in theaters across the United States."
             "The article concerned:About J.K. Rowling(WITHERDING)"     
Harry Potter (film series)(Wikipedia)"      "Harry Potter(Wikipedia)"                                              "About J.K. Rowling(WITHERDING)"      

                                       No.568(11.15. 2018)                                        
On November 15, 1864, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman starts his famous march across the state of Georgia."
  "William Tecumseh Sherman(HISTORY)" "William Tecumseh Sherman(Wikipedia)"
William Tecumseh Sherman(Photos)"  
                                     No.567(11.14. 2018)                                        
On November 14, 1851, Herman Melville’s classic American novel, Moby-Dick is published."
                   "1851 Herman Melville Publishes Moby-Dick(HISTORY)"
                "Herman Melville"(Wikipedia)"    "Moby-Dick(Photos)"  

                             (The 41-photo-attached/275.09KB                                 

                                     No.566(11.13. 2018)                                        
On November 13, 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated on the National Mall,..."
                    "1982 Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated(HISTORY)"                                                        No.565(11.10. 2018)                                        
On November 9, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt leaves the United States for Panama on the first foreign trip ever taken by a U.S. president."
                  "1906 Teddy Roosevelt travels to Panama(HISTORY)"
                     "1906 Teddy Roosevelt travels to Panama(Picture)"    
                                       No.564(11.9. 2018)                                        
"On November 8, 1900, the author of Gone with the Wind , Margaret Mitchell, is born in Atlanta, Georgia."
                        "1900 Margaret Mitchell is born(HISTORY)"
                  "Margaret Mitchell Biography Author (1900–1949)"
                                 "Margaret Mitchell(Wikipedia)"    
                                     "Margaret Mitchell(Pictures)"

                                    No.563(11.8. 2018)
"On November 7, 1980, actor Steve McQueen dies of cancer at the age of 50."                     "1980 “King of Cool” Steve McQueen dies(HISTORY)"
                      "1980 “King of Cool” Steve McQueen dies(Photos)"
                                     "Steve McQueen(Wikipedia)"
                                 (The 47-photo-attached/312.2KB

                                   No.562(11.7. 2018)                                        
On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th president of the United States."
                      "1860  Abraham Lincoln elected president(HISTORY)
"1860, Abraham Lincoln is elected the 16th president of the United States(photos)"               (The 43-photo-attached/169.89KB

                                    No.561(11.6. 2018)                                        
On November 5, 1930 Sinclair Lewis becomes the first American writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature."
                     "1930 An American Nobel Prize in Literature(HISTORY)
"1930 Sinclair Lewis becomes the first American writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.(Photos)"        "Sinclair Lewis(Wikipedia)"
                             (The 54-photo-attached/235.86KB)
                "1930 An AmericanNobel Prize in Literature(HISTORY)"

                                      No.560(11.3. 2018)                                        
On November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating a federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr. "
                     "1983 MLK federal holiday declared(HISTORY)
                             (The 24-photo-attached/172.48KB
                    "1983 MLK federal holiday declared(HISTORY)"

                  No.559(11.2. 2018)     
"On November 1, 1952, the United States explodes the world’s first hydrogen bomb on the Eniwetok atoll in the Pacific Ocean."
              "1955  United States tests first hydrogen bomb(HISTORY)
                "1955  United States tests first hydrogen bomb(PHOTOS)"  
                             (The 23-photo-attached/126.86KB)

                                   No.557(10.30. 2018)
 "On October 30, 1938, up to a million Americans panic during an Orson Welles radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds,
                           "1938 Welles scares nation(HISTORY)
        "1938, Orson Welles radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds,”(Photos)"
                                "Orson Welles "War of the Worlds”(Photos)"                                       "1938 Welles scares nation(HISTORY)"

                                     No.556(10.29. 2018)                                     
                      "On October 26, 1825 the Erie Canal opens."
    "1825 Erie Canal opens(HISTORY)"   "1825 Erie Canal opens(Photos)"                              "1825 Erie Canal opens(HISTORY)"   

                                     No.555(10.26. 2018)
                      "On October 26, 1825 the Erie Canal opens."
    "1825 Erie Canal opens(HISTORY)"   "1825 Erie Canal opens(Photos)"
                            (The 37-photo-attached/243.82KB)
                             "1825 Erie Canal opens(HISTORY)"   

                                     No.554(10.25. 2018)
"On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith claims her car with two small children was carjacked by an African-American man in South Carolina."
  "1994 Susan Smith reports a false carjacking to cover her murder(HISTORY)"                "Susan Smith(WIKIPEDIA)"    "Susan Smith(PHOTOS)"
  "1994 Susan Smith reports a false carjacking to cover her murder(HISTORY)"

                                       No.553(10.24. 2018)
"On October 24,1901, Annie Edson Taylor, 63, becomes the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel."
"Annie Edson Taylor’s 1901 Retirement Plan: Go Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel(Article)"                      "1901, Annie Edson Taylor(Photo)"
   "Annie Edson Taylor’s 1901 Retirement Plan: Go Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel"
                        (;August 26, 2015)

                                      No.552(10.23. 2018) 
"On October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber drives a truck laden with explosives into the U.S. Marine Corps barracks..."
                         "1983 Beirut barracks blown up(HISTORY)
                          "1983 Beirut barracks blown up(PHOTOS)"            

                                           No.551(10.22. 2018) 
"On October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy appears on live television to announce the blockade of Cuba after an American spy plane"
                 "1962 JFK announces a blockade of Cuba(HISTORY)
         "1962: Kennedy ‘Quarantines’ Cuba(National Geographic Society)"                              "1962 JFK announces a blockade of Cuba(PHOTOS)"
Events OCTOBER 22, Yoshida-selected"
         "1962: Kennedy ‘Quarantines’ Cuba(National Geographic Society)"

                                           No.550(10.19. 2018) 
"On October 19, 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis surrenders.."
            "1781 Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown(HISTORY)"
                      "British General Charles Cornwallis(photos)"
                   "1781 Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown(HISTORY)"

                                      No.549(10.18. 2018) 
On October 18, 1867, the United States takes possession of Alaska..."
          "1867  U.S. takes possession of Alaska(HISTORY)"
                      "1867  U.S. takes possession of Alaska(HISTORY)"

                                         No.548(10.17. 2018) 
On October 17, 1989, San Francisco is rocked by the biggest earthquake since 1906."
So many earthquakes in this areas so that the Editor took much time finding  the exact one among the many with an ARTICLE an photos concerned below in red letter!!
M 6.9 October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake"
"1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake(Wikipedia)"

                       "1906 San Francisco earthquake(Wikipedia)"
The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake(YSGS)"
San Francisco Earthquake of 1906(HISTORY)"
                     "San Francisco Earthquake of 1906(PHOTOS)"
                             (The 40-photo-attached/240.58KB

                                              No.547(10.16. 2018)

  "On October 16, 1859, abolitionist John Brown leads a raid on the ..."
                       "John Brown (abolitionist)(Wikipedia)"
1859  John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry(HISTORY)"
John Brown (abolitionist)(photos)"
                            (The 47-photo-attached/298.37KB

                                      No.546(10.15. 2018)

"On October 15, 1930, legendary jazz composer Duke Ellington records"  "Duke Ellington AMERICAN MUSICIAN(ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA)"  

                                        No.545(10.12. 2018)
       "On October 12, 1945, Private First Class Desmond T. Doss,..."
                                "Desmond Doss:The Real Story"
            "Desmond T. Doss(Wikipedia)"      "Desmond T. Doss(Photos)"       
                                  "Desmond Doss:The Real Story"

                                           No.544(10.11. 2018)
 "On October 11, 1968, the first manned Apollo mission, Apollo 7, lauches"
         "About Apollo 7, the First Crewed Apollo Space Missions(NASA)"
            "Apollo 7, the First Crewed Apollo Space Missions(PHPTOS)"

                                           No.543(10.10. 2018)

"On October 10, 1845, the Naval School, which was officially named the United States Naval Academy..."
                  "1845 Birth of the U.S. Naval Academy"(HISTORY)"
                                           No.542(10.9. 2018)   
"On October 9, 1936, the Hoover Dam in Nevada begins sending electricity...
    "1936 Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles(HISTORY)"

                                             No.541(10.6. 2018)
"On October 5, 1947, President Harry Truman gives the first presidential speech ever to be broadcast on television. "
                          "1947  First presidential speech on TV(HISTORY)

                                      No.540(10.5. 2018)
    "On October 4, 1927, sculptors begin carving Mount Rushmore..." 
1927 Work begins on Mount Rushmore(HISTORY)" 
                           "1927 Work begins on Mount Rushmore(Photos)" 

                                      No.539(10.4. 2018)
"On October 3, 1995, former American football star, spokesman and actor O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of..."
                          "1995 O.J. Simpson acquitted(HISTORY)

                                No.538(10.3. 2018)
  "On October 2, 1985, actor Rock Hudson, 59 succumbs to AIDS."
                      "1985  Rock Hudson dies of AIDS(HISTORY)"
                  "1985  Rock Hudson dies of AIDS(HISTORY)

                 No.537(10.2. 2018)
"On October 1, 1890, the United States Congress creates Yosemite National Park..."
             "1890 Congress creates Yosemite National Park(HISTORY)"
    "YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK(Photos)"   "YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK"                  "1890 Congress creates Yosemite National Park(HISTORY)"

                                      No.536(9.29. 2018)
"On September 28, 1991, Miles Davis, one of the most important figures..."
   "マイルス・デイヴィス(Miles Davis)"    "Miles Davis"   "Miles Davis(Photos)"
                               "1991 Miles Davis dies(HISTORY)" 

                    No.535(9.28. 2018)
  "On September 27, 1959, then Soviet Union premier, Nikita Khrushchev..."                "1959 Khrushchev ends trip to the United States(HISTORY)" 

                "1959 Khrushchev ends trip to the United States(HISTORY)" 
                                        No.534(9.27. 2018)
      "On September 26, 1960, John F. Kennedy, then a senator from...," 
                        "The Kennedy-Nixon Debates(HISTORY)" 
"1960  Kennedy and Nixon square off in a televised presidential debate"
              "The first televised presidential debates in American history."
                      "The Kennedy-Nixon Debates(HISTORY)"

                                       No.533(9.26. 2018)
         "On September 25, 1957, the so-called “Little Rock Nine,” ..."
"Little Rock Nine(HJISTORY)"   "1957  Central High School integrated(HISTORY)"
                      "1957  Central High School integrated"(HISTORY)

                                       No.532(9.25. 2018)
"On September 24,1789, the Judiciary Act of 1789 is passed by Congress.."
                "Judiciary Act of 1789(BRITANICA)"      "John Marshall"
                                "Judiciary Act of 1789(BRITANICA)"                                    

                                       No.531(9.22. 2018)
  "On September 21,1780, American General Benedict Arnold becomes a..."
                          "1780 Benedict Arnold commits treason(HISTORY)"      
Benedict Arnold"  "ベネディクト・アーノルド(Benedict Arnold)"                
                   "1780 Benedict Arnold commits treason(HISTORY)"

                  No.530(9.21. 2018)
  "On September 20 1973, top women’s player Billie Jean King, 29, beats..."
                                "When Billie Beat Bobby(HISTORY)"                          

                                               No.529(9.20. 2018)  
  "On September 19, 1995, The New York Times and Washington Post..."
                   "1995 Unabomber manifesto published(HISTORY)"                          

                                           No.528(9.19. 2018)
   "On September 18, 1793, George Washington lays the cornerstone..."                         "1793 Capitol cornerstone is laid(HISTORY)"    

                                              No.527(9.18. 2018)
 "On September 17, 1862, Confederate and Union troops in the Civil War..."
                        "1862 Battle of Antietam breaks out(HISTORY)"        

                                               No.526(9.15. 2018)  
     "On September 14, 1975, Elizabeth Ann Seton becomes the first..."
    "Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, S.C., (August 28, 1774 – January 4, 1821)"

                                         No.525(9.14. 2018)  
"On September 13,1814, Francis Scott Key writes a poem that, when set..."
                     "1814 Key pens Star-Spangled Banner(HISTORY)"                       

                                                No.524(9.13. 2018)  
    "On September 12, 1992, Space Shuttle Endeavor launches from..."
        "May 13, 1992, Record-Setting Spacewalk on Shuttle Endeavour's First Mission"
 "May 13, 1992, Record-Setting Spacewalk on Shuttle Endeavour's First Mission"

                                           No.523(9.12. 2018)  
  "On September 11, 2001 al-Qaida terrorists crash two planes into the..."
                                     "9/11 Attacks(HISTORY)"
                                (The 20-photo-attached/102.42KB                     

                                       No.522(9.11. 2018)
   "On September 10, 1991, the band Nirvana releases its first single,..."                                   "Nirvana( ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA)"                                   (The  29-photo-attached/132.65KB)                      

                             "Nirvana( ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA)"

                                             No.521(9.8. 2018)          
"On September 7, 1813, the United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam." 
                 "1813  United States nicknamed Uncle Sam(HISTORY)"

                                              No.520(9.7. 2018)         
 "On September 6, 1901, President William McKinley was fatally shot."   
              "1901 President William McKinley is shot(HISTORY)"

                        "1901 President William McKinley is shot(HISTORY)"

                                                 No.519(9.6. 2018)         
"On September 5, 1977, the United States launches the deep space probe, Voyager 1,..."      "6 Fascinating Facts About Space Probe Voyager 1(HISTORY)

                                        No.518(9.5. 2018)        
On September 4,1886, Apache chief Geronimo surrenders to U.S. ...."
                               "1886 Geronimo surrenders(HISTORY)"

                                           No.517(9.1. 2018)        
On August 31, 1955, William G. Cobb of the General Motors Corp..."
        "1955 William Cobb demonstrates first solar-powered car(HISTORY)"

            NYTimes "Obituaries: Who lived more than 100-yea

                No.516(8.31. 2018)        
On August 30, 1967, Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African Court"         "1967 Thurgood Marshall confirmed as Supreme Court justice"(HISTORY)

                                               No.515(8.30. 2018)        
On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina makes landfall near New Orleans"
                           "Hurricane Katrina(HISTORY)"

                                          No.514(8.29. 2018)        
    "On August 28, 1963, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. gives...
                                         "MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.(HISTORY)" 

                                       No.513(8.28. 2018)        
"On August 27, 1776, British forces defeated George Washington’s..."

                        "1776 The Battle of Brooklyn(HISTORY)"

                                             No.512(8.25. 2018)        
 "On August 24, 1814, British troops arrive in Washington, D.C., and burn"    

                   "1814 British capture and burn Washington(HISTORY)"  

              No.511(8.24. 2018)        
"On August 23, 1926, silent-film star Rudolph Valentino dies at the age..."                               
                      "1926 Valentino dies(HISTORY)"

                                          No.510(8.23. 2018)
    "On August 22, 1950, tennis great Althea Gibson became the first..."
                  "Althea Gibson(HISTORY)

                                      No.509(8.22. 2018)        
        "On August 21, 1959, the United States flag received its 50th star"
                 "1959 Hawaii becomes 50th state(HJISTORY)"

                                              No.508(8.21. 2018)                         
   "On August 20, 1911, the first round-the-world telegram was sent."


                    No.507(8.18. 2018)        
     "On August 17, 1969, the three-day Woodstock Music & Art Fair, ..."               "1969 Woodstock Music Festival concludes(HISTORY)"

                                        No.505(8.16. 2018)        
On August 15, 1848, Waldo Hanchett of Syracuse, New York, receives..."

                                     No.504(8.15. 2018)        
On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Social..."
                    "1935 FDR signs Social Security Act(HISTORY)"

                                         No.503(8.14. 2018)        
"On August 13, 1918, women are allowed to enlist in the US Marine Corps"
                                             "Opha May Johnson"
    "The first woman Marine: In 1918, she couldn’t vote but rushed to serve"

                                      No.502(8.11. 2018)        
On August 10, 1846, the Smithsonian Institution was created."
                   "1846 Smithsonian Institution created(HISTORY)"

                                        No.501(8.10. 2018)        
On August, 9, Vice President Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as the 38th..."
        "Gerald R. Ford sworn in as 38th president, Aug. 9, 1974(POLITICO)"                                                 By             

                                        No.500(8.9. 2018)        
On August 8, 1844, Brigham Young becomes the leader of the Church..."
Brigham Young" "Brigham Young(Images)"
                                     "Brigham Young(HISTORY)"                                   
                                           No.499(8.8. 2018)
On August 7, 1782, Gen. George Washington creates the Purple Heart,"
               "1782 Washington creates the Purple Heart(HISTORY)"

                                          No.498(8.7. 2018)        
On August 6, 1945, the U.S. drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese..."
                                  (The 43-photo-attached/195.84KB)

                 "1945 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima(HISTORY)"

               No.497(8.4. 2018)
           "On August 3, 1852, the first intercollegiate athletic event..."
                        "The first intercollegiate athletic competition"

                                           No.496(8.3. 2018)
"On August 2, 1790, the first US Census is conducted under the direction"                          "The First U.S. Census(Geni)"

                                                   No.495(8.2. 2018)
    "On August 1, 1941, the first jeep debuts just 49 days after the US..."                       "1940-1941 Jeep()"

                                               No.494(8.1. 2018)
"On July 31, 1975, American labor leader Jimmy Hoffa vanishes in Detroit,"
                           "1975 Jimmy Hoffa disappears(HISTORY)"

                                         No.493(7.31. 2018)
  "On July 30, 1974, during the ongoing Watergate scandal, President..."   "1974 Nixon announces release of White House Watergate tapes(HISTORY)"

                  No.492(7.28 2018)
        "On July 27, 1789, the first US federal government agency..."    
Bugs Bunny"                               
        "Mel Blanc, who provided Voices For 3,000 Cartoons, Is Dead at 81"

                No.491(7.27 2018)
"On July 26, 1947, President Harry Truman signs the National Security Act,..." 
                "1947 Truman signs the National Security Act(HISTORY)"

               No.490(7.26 2018)
"On July 25, 1898, US forces invade Puerto Rico, a territory of Spain, during the Spanish-American War,..."  
                                "1898 Puerto Rico invade(HISTORY)"

                No.489(7.25, 2018)
"On July 24, 1974, during the Watergate scandal, the US Supreme Court unanimously rules that..."        
               "This Day in Supreme Court History—July 24, 1974"

                No.488(7.24, 2018)
"On July 23, 1829, American inventor William Austin Burt patents the earliest version of the typewriter.""Typewriter of the moment:July 23, 1829 William A. Burt’s typographer patented"
                                               "William A. Burt" 

                                       No.487(7.20, 2018)
"On July 11, 1976 the seventh anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic moon..."       
                              "1976 Viking 1 lands on Mars(HISTORY)"

                                          No.486(7.19, 2018)
On July 19, 1980, the Summer Olympics began in Moscow."           
Carter announces Olympic boycott(HISTORY)"

                                          No.485(7.18. 2018)
On July 18, 1968, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson meets with South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu..."
        "1968 Johnson meets Thieu in Honolulu(HISTORY)"

                                          No.484(7.17. 2018)
On July 16, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln orders Union troops..."
                                  "First Battle of Bull Run(HISTORY)"

                                          No.483(7.14. 2018)
On July 13, 1923, the iconic Hollywood sign is dedicated in Los Angeles..."
              "8 Things You May Not Know About the Hollywood Sign(HISTORY)"
Jesse Greenspan)

                                       No.482(7.13. 2018)
On July 12, 1957, Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes the first US president..."  
       "1957 Eisenhower takes first presidential ride in a helicopter(HISTORY)"

                                        No.481(7.12. 2018)
On July 11, 1804, former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton..."
                            "1804 Burr slays Hamilton in duel(HISTORY)"

                  No.480(7.11. 2018)
On July 10, 1999, the largest crowd ever to attend a women’s sporting..."    (1999年、女性スポーツ行事で最大規模になったゲーム・・・)             

                                         No.479(7.10. 2018)
On July 9, 1850, the 12th president of the United States, Zachary Taylor,"
                   "1850 President Zachary Taylor dies unexpectedly(HISTORY)"      

                                          No.478(7.7 2018)

On July 6, 1976, US Naval Academy admits women for the first time..."
                  "1976 Women inducted into U.S. Naval Academy(HISTORY)"    

today@VOA&NYTimes.com" into two columns of "Today@VOA" and "NYTimes.com", all the following links hereafter were broken unable to open, so that the Editor gave up to regain the lost.
                                        No.477(7.6 2018)
1776, the first printed copies of the Declaration of Independence,..."
This is the continuation of [No.475(7.3, 2018)On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress officially severs ties between..."], which appeared here two days ago.
                  "The Declaration of Independence is Approved and Printed"

                                            No.476(7.4, 2018)
On July 3, 1962, Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American..."
              "NATIONAL BALL OF FAME"   

                         No.475(7.3, 2018)
On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress officially severs ties between..."
                               "Continental Congress(HISTORY)"

                                        No.474(6.30, 2018)
On June 29, 1995, the shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian space..."              "1995 U.S. space shuttle docks with Russian space station(HISTORY)"

                                              No.473(6.29, 2018)
On June 28, 1953, the first Corvette, which goes on to become..."

                                          No.472(6.28, 2018)
On June 27, 1950, President Harry Truman orders US air and naval..."
                    "1950 Truman orders U.S. forces to Korea(HISTORY)"

                                        No.471(6.27, 2018)
On June 26, 1870, the Christian holiday of Christmas is declared..."                                     "History of Christmas(HISTORY)"

                No.470(6.26, 2018)
On June 25, 1950, one of the greatest soccer upsets of all time occurs"
                "Black History Month: Joe Gaetjens gives the world its biggest upset"

                                       No.469(6.23, 2018)
On June 22, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the G.I. Bill."
                                 "1944 FDR signs GI bill(HISTORY)"

                                         No.468(6.22, 2018)
On June 21, 1788, the US Constitution is ratified."
                                     (The 34-photo-attached/164.55KB)

                              "1788 U.S. Constitution ratified(HISTORY)"      

                                           No.467(6.21, 2018)
On June 20,1975, the movie Jaws opens in US theaters.                                                "1975 Jaws released(HISTORY)"

                                       No.466(6.20, 2018)
On June 19, 1862, Congress outlaws slavery in all US territories,..."                                                         
                       "1865 Slavery abolished in America(HISTORY)"

                                      No.465(6.19, 2018)
On June 18, 1873, Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for trying to cast...
                             "Susan B. Anthony(HISTORY)"

                                        No.464(6.16, 2018)
On June 15, 1877, Henry Ossian Flipper, a formerly enslaved man, ...
            "1877 First African American graduate of West Point(HISTORY)"

               No.463(6.15, 2018)
On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress adopts the ‘Stars and..."

                                          No.462(6.14, 2018)
On June 13, 1966, the Supreme Court rules that all criminal suspects...
              "1966 The Miranda rights are established(HISTORY)"

                No.461(6.13, 2018)
On June 12, 1776, Virginia’s fifth Revolutionary Convention adopts... "       "1776 Virginia adopts George Mason’s Declaration of Rights(HISTORY)"

                                          No.460(6.12, 2018)
On June 11, 1776, Congress appoints a committee to write..."
      "1776 Congress appoints Committee of Five to draft the Declaration of..."     

                               "The New York Times, Obituals"
"David Douglas Duncan, 102, Who  Photographed the Reality of War, Dies"
      "David Douglas Duncan, 102, Who  Photographed the Reality of War, Dies"
                (The New York Times: By Robert D. McFadden June 7, 2018 )

                                    No.459(6.9, 2018)
On June 8, 1968, James Earl Ray is arrested in London, England, and...
                    "1968 King assassination suspect arrested(HISTORY)"

                               "The New York Times, Obituaries"
"David Douglas Duncan, 102, Who  Photographed the Reality of War, Dies"    "David Douglas Duncan, 102, Who  Photographed the Reality of War, Dies"
                (The New York Times: By Robert D. McFadden June 7, 2018 )
                                      No.458(6.8, 2018)

On June 7, 1899, anti-alcohol crusader Carrie Nation begins..." 
                        "1900 Carry Nation smashes bar(HISTORY)"        

                                        No.457(6.7, 2018)
On June 6, 1944, the Allied powers cross the English Channel and..."  
                            "1944 Allies invade France(HISTORY)"

                                         No.456(6.6, 2018)
1893, the trial of Lizzie Borden begins in New Bedford, Massachusetts.         "  
                 "Lizzie Borden: Murderess or Media Sensation?(HISTORY)"
                                           Barbara Maranzani

                                         No.455(6.5, 2018)
On June 4, 1912, Massachusetts becomes the first state in the union..."  
                  "The First Minimum Wage(American History Magazine)"                  

                                          No.454(6.2, 2018)
On June 1, 1779, General Benedict Arnold is court-martialed                       "1779 Benedict Arnold is court-martialed(HISTORY)"

                                      No.453(6.1, 2018)
On May 31, 1879, Gilmore’s Garden in New York City is renamed..."  
         "May 30, 1879 - The Gilmore's Garden in New York City is renamed"

               No.452(may.31, 2018)
On May 30, 1899, one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies..."  
                  "1899 Pearl Hart holds up an Arizona stagecoach(HISTORY)"
                                      "Pearl Heat(Wikipedia)"

                                        (No.451(may.29, 2018))         
                          "US time, May 28, Memorial Day"
                                "Memorial Day in the United States"                                                             
                                     No.450(may.26, 2018)

On May 25, 1925, Tennessee educator John Scopes is indicted..."                           "1925 Remembering the Scopes Trial(HISTORY)"

                                       No.449(may.25, 2018)
On May 24, 1883, New York’s Brooklyn Bridge opens to traffic, 
                                 "1883 Brooklyn Bridge opens(HISTORY)"

                                     No.448(may.24, 2018)
On May 23, 1911, the New York Public Library is dedicated. 
                   "1911New York Public Library dedicated(HISTORY)"

                                       No.446(may.23, 2018)

                                                By Margalit Fox                                                                           No.445(may.22, 2018)
On May 21, 1932, American Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman..."                      "1932 Earhart completes transatlantic flight(HISTORY)"

                                     No.444(may.21, 2018)
      "Patricia  Morison, 103, Dies; Badway’s First Kate to Be Kissed"                "
Patricia Morison, 103, Dies; Broadway’s First Kate to Be Kissed"

                                    No.443(may.19, 2018)
        "On May 18, 1980, disaster strikes when Mount St. Helens erupts. "                                                     "1980 Mount St. Helens erupts(HISTORY)

                                    No.442(may.18, 2018)
        "Mary Sansone, a Grass-Roots Political Godmother, Dies at 101"                      "Mary Sansone, a Grass-Roots Political Godmother, Dies at 101"
                           (The New York Times:By Sam Roberts )                              
                                      No.441(may.18, 2018)

       "On May 17, 1954, the US Supreme Court forces an end to racial..."  
                    "1954 Brown v. Board of Ed is decided"(HISTORY)

                                       No.440(may.17, 2018)
            "On May 16, 1929, the Academy Awards are distributed..."  
                  "1929 First Academy Awards ceremony(HISTORY)"

                                    No.439(may.16, 2018)
         "On May 15, 1942, women are granted official US military status"
   "1942 Legislation creating the Women’s Army Corps becomes law(HISTORY)"

                                       No.438(may.15, 2018)
"On May 14, 1607, Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent settlement..."                                      "Jamestown Colony(HISTORY)"

                                        No.437(may.12, 2018)
"On May 11, 1996, Value Jet Flight 592 crashes in the Florida Everglades..."   
   "May 11, 1996:  ValuJet Flight 592 crashes into Everglades, killing 110"          
(Florida Network History)

                                       No.436(may.11, 2018)
            "David Goodall: Scientist, 104, ends his life in Switzerland"            
      "David Goodall: Scientist, 104, ends his life in Switzerland(BBC News)"

                                    No.435(may.11, 2018)
On May 10, 1869, a golden railroad spike is driven into a rail line..."                   "1869 First transcontinental railroad is completed (HISTORY)"

                                      No.434(may.10, 2018)
On May 9, 1960, the U.S. becomes the first country to legalize a birth..."
                       "1960 FDA approves the pill(HISTORY)"

                                        No.433(may.9, 2018)
On May 8, 1967, boxer Muhammad Ali is indicted for refusing..."                            "1967 Muhammad Ali refuses Army induction(HISTORY)"

                                       No.432(may.8, 2018)
On May 7, 1789, a ball is held in New York to celebrate George..."     
             "1789 George Washington attends inaugural ball(HISTORY)

                                       No.431(may.5, 2018)
On May 4, 1970, members of the Ohio National Guard open fire on..."                                            "Kent State Incident"(HISTORY)

                                       No.430(may.4, 2018)
  "On May 3, 1960, The Fantasticks premieres at an Off-Broadway theater..."
                         "AllMusic Review by BruceEder(ALLMUSIC)"

                                       No.429(may.3, 2018)
           "On May 2, 1863, Confederate troops won an unlikely victory...."
                    "1863 Battle of Chancellorsville begins(HISTORY)"

                                       No.428(may.2, 2018)
    "On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building is dedicated in New York."
                     "1931  Empire State Building dedicated(HISTORY)"

              No.427(may.1, 2018)
"On April 30, 1803, the United States buys the Louisiana Territory from..."                        "1803 Louisiana Purchase concluded(HISTORY)"

                                       No.426(april.30, 2018)
       "Gertrude Jeannette, Actor, Director and Cabdriver, Dies at 103"
       "Gertrude Jeannette, Actor, Director and Cabdriver, Dies at 103"

                                       No.425(april.28 , 2018)
      "1865, the steamboat Sultana exploded near Memphis, killing 1,192..."
                "1865 Union soldiers die in steamship explosion(HISTORY)"

                                         No.424(april.27 , 2018)
  "On April 26, 1954, polio vaccine trials begin at an elementary school..."
                             "1954 Polio vaccine trials begin(HISTORY)"

                                     No.423(april.26 , 2018)
     "On April 25, 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope is placed into orbit..."                            "1990 Space telescope in orbit(HISTORY)"

                                      No.422(april.25 , 2018)
            "On April 24, 1800, the Library of Congress is established"
                     "1800 Library of Congress established(HISTORY)

                                    No.421(april.24 , 2018)
    "On April 23, 1635, the first public school in the United States is founded"             "The first public school in America was founded this day in 1635"

             No.420(april.21, 2018)
   "On April 20, 1999, two teenage gunmen kill 13 people at Columbine..."
                 "1999 Columbine High School massacre(HISTORY)"

                                       No.419(april.20, 2018)
   "On April 19, 1775, the American Revolution begins after British troops..."
                      "1775 The American Revolution begins(HISTORY)"

                                     No.418(april.19, 2018)
   "On April 18, 1906, the Great San Francisco Earthquake kills hundreds..."                   "1906, the Great San Francisco Earthquake(HISTORY)"       

                                      No.417(april.18, 2018)
   "On April 17, 1964, the iconic Ford Mustang is unveiled by Henry Ford ll"                       "1964 Ford Mustang debuts at World’s Fair(HISTORY)"

                                    No.416(april.17, 2018)
        "On April 16, 1818, the US and Canada agree on a border between..."                                  "1846 U.S.-Canadian border established(HISTORY)"

                                     No.415(april.17, 2018)
       "William Beinecke, Patron of Central Park and Yale, Dies at 103"
             "William Beinecke, Patron of Central Park and Yale, Dies at 103"
                                     No.414(april.14, 2018)
      "On April 13, 1964, Awards, Sidney Poitier becomes the first..."   
   "1964 Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the Field(HISTORY)"
    "Hattie McDaniel: The First African American To Win An Oscar(DAILY BEAST)"

                                     No.413(april.13, 2018)
     "On April 12, 1955, the polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk..."
                        "1953 Salk announces polio vaccine(HISTORY)"
         ("Question: On April 12, 1955 Dr. Jonas Salk released the results of clinical trials")

                                       No.412(april.12, 2018)
 "On April 11, 1968, US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Right..."                                             "Fair Housing Act(HISTORY)"

                                      No.411(april.11, 2018)
 "On April 10, 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty..."
                              "1866 ASPCA is founded(HISTORY)"

                                  No.410(april.10, 2018)
       "On April 9, 1865,Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders..."                           "1865 Robert E. Lee surrenders(HISTORY)"

                                    No.409(april.7, 2018)
    "On April 6, 1808, German immigrant John Jacob Astor establishes..."
                       "American Fur Company(Spartcus Educational)"

                                    No.408(april.6-2, 2018)
Drue Heinz, Patron of Literature and Host of Authors, Dies at 103(NYT)"

                                       No.407(april.6, 2018)
       "On April 5, 1614, Pocahontas marries English colonist John Rolfe..." 
                     "1614 Pocahontas marries John Rolfe(HISTORY)")

               No.406(april.5, 2018)
 "On April 4, 1968, civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated..."                "Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination(HISTORY)"

                                       No.405(april.3, 2018)
   "On April 2, 1917, US President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to ..."                   "1917 Wilson asks for declaration of war(HISTORY)"

                                       No.404(march.31, 2018)
     "On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest..."                              "1981 President Reagan shot(HISTORY)"

                                        No.403(march.30, 2018)
     "On March 29, 1973, the United States withdraws from Vietnam..."
                     "1973 U.S. withdraws from Vietnam(HISTORY)"      

                                      No.402(march.29, 2018)
   "On March 28, 1979, the worst US nuclear power accident in history"
                      "1979 Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island(HISTORY)"

                                      No.401(march.28, 2018)
"On March 27, 1886, the Apache warrior Geronimo surrenders to the US Army,"                              "1886 Geronimo surrenders(HISTORY)"

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