@Chapter 2
@@@A-bomb led me as an independent technician
Wonderful youth  invited by English learning

Within my family, I had a wonderful teacher of life. The brother-in-law, my eldest sisterfs husband, Yukio, was the very person. While in my career as a professional technician, I was fortunate to be a disciple under a person well skilled and man of character. Third happiness for my life was that I was given, still being given, good opportunities of meeting excellent people with the knowledge of English language and its learner. Yoshino was one of them who brought me great deal of motivation and power in my life as written in the translation my essay about her.
     The coming of American occupation forces brought among Japanese the need and interest of learning English. In my case, more passion came from my disability of studying English in college because of my work.
     I began to try to take all possible opportunities of learning English by attending various kinds of meetings and gatherings. The bible class in churches and the ESS (English speaking society) in YMCA are the examples. People from different vocations, men and women, young and old, university professor and students, doctors and nurses, who were eager to accomplish one mutual purposes of learning English conversation. We used to take up a subject on which we discussed.
     These people constituted my human relationship worthy to be remembered throughout my life. There was a time when we Japanese say, gIf you understand English, you will be a benefactor.h Through my own experience, however, I used to change the phrase to gIf you do not understand English, you will be the loser.h
     Later years, one of the fruits of my human relation through English learning turned to be getting a partner girl student of Jogakuin Mission college to get married. The English learning, therefore, did shape my age of youth in such significant and wonderful life.
     My command of English more than a half century after that, is giving me abundant benefits and good opportunities in various field ever since.