Part 2
@@@A-bomb led me as an independent technician
Death of my wifefs adoptive father
     Marriage Big life shift brought about 

I used to have a sort of stoic life attitude when I was young. One of them was that I decided not to make daily life habit of drinking alcohol until I become thirty years old. One of the relatives of my mother was, as early described, Dr. Shigetou of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital. My mother used to tell me as if she is expecting me to do the similar thing in my life period, gUncle Shigetou  declared and did exactly that he never got married until he gets doctor degree.h Although the doctor degree and the marriage are quite different, it is not bad to make some target when people try to do something big to say, for instance, never until I do this or that.
     When I was in the lecture trip in various parts of the country, I was often invited to a party by the businessperson in the district concerned, but I did not drink. To tell the truth, however, I had one more reason why I stayed away from alcohol drinking. I tried not to let my crippled legs paralyzed worse by alcohol,
     After marriage, I continued making lecture trips while my workshop was well managed by my disciple. My wifefs adoptive father died in a meantime.  Right after the funeral came to me a heavy position of gthe representative manh of the firm. The firm was not incorporated at that time.
     There was a rumor among the family relatives who did not know about my presence as his successor after the firm ownerfs death, that it was an idea that the firm could be sold with some five million yen. However, when they came to know about me, everything was settled for me to be named as the formal successor of the firm. That was the beginning of my new life, an entirely different world of business. In the funeral ceremony where many customers of the firm attended to pay condolence, I read a funeral memorial address as the representative of the family with my statement to be a successor.
     Later years I was told that among the attendants were those who wondered if I could make the successor well enough with such physical adversity in such a tough business environment as to deal with longshoremen as firm employees who are apt to be regarded as violent tempered workers.
     Anyhow, I made a 180 degree turn in my lifestyle  within two days, leaving behind the technician's business life that continued for some 14 years. However, I was obliged to spend for some time in working in the former field before I shift my life completely to the new one.
     I gave all my workshop instruments and devices including my business rights to my disciple with no charge. My obligation left were some of my lectures still strongly required by the companies and people concerned. Especially the ones needed for me as the device inventor for its sales promotion activities once started. What is more, my teaching English conversation to so many children are the obligation left to me for the time being.
     I have thus made the first stage of my life as a technician with its independence together with my inventions devices sales and education of new technology and so on for 14 years.
     By the way, my salary in my new life as the top management of the firm was only half the one I earned those days as an independent technician band saw filer. The post of the top management in a small trucking firm was never what I wanted but the one I was obliged to accept because of no successor. This fact is one thing I could tell people as my self confidence and pride even at this stage of my life.
     And yet, I did not hesitate to change my future life for the good of the family of my wife who loved me so much. Not even a sacrificial motivation either. I recall myself being a kind of a person who do not stick too much to ones own benefit or advantage but considerate for others, I think.