Part 2
@@@A-bomb led me as an independent technician
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      Marriage big life shift brought about 

My English language interest and activities brought an opportunity of getting a girl with whom I marry. The girl was a student of Hiroshima Mission College, one of the lower classmates of Yoshino in their high school days. The first meeting wither was in the bible class of a church where I was baptized at the age of 20. The ESS (English Speaking Society) in the YMCA was one of the meeting where I and the girl attended. She was a adopted daughter of her aunt, whose husband was owner of a small trucking firm. Their intention of adopting a daughter was to have the adopted daughterfs future husband to succeed their family name and firm because of they had no their own children.
     From the very beginning, therefore, as the eldest son of the Yoshida family, my association with the girl was a sort of out of my mind for getting married with her with my name changed to her family. When she came to know the fact of my family situation, she began to say that she is ready to get out of the family to marry me.
     I do not intend to talk fondly about my love story, but this was real. While on my side, when I think of the fact that I did have a handicap of being crippled with no higher education, I could not help thinking of somewhat reluctant about being with a girl of the college graduate with her family financial background. On the other side, however, I was contented myself with a confidence that I am well deserved to marry a girl like her when I think of my future possibility as a successful business person or at least good enough to expect that much of life accomplishment.
     I could say that the girl foresaw that future prospect of my all possibility and potentiality. She was clever in selecting her life partner, so to speak.
     In spite of her family situation of getting married with her adopted husband, she tried to select me as her husband as the best priority regardless of her family name succeeded or not. This strong will of hers moved her adopted parents to agree to our marriage after all, but on condition that I would succeed their business someday. I answered them, however, that I do not like to be imposed on any condition but I told them when time comes, I would make decision according to my own will and common sense.
     Why I took that much of confident attitude? That was because, as described, I had good enough income and furthermore, I had a privilege of being offered to study in American lumber industry with municipal expenses and others. My future in the industry was full of dreams and things to be done.
     Anyhow, I go married with the girl, not as a adopted husband but as the eldest son and successor of the Yoshida family. I was then in the age of twenty eight.