Part 2
@@@A-bomb led me as an independent technician
                         @  (10) 
                           What I remember
          about the first stage of my life

Since my birth in 1931,I spent my childhood on the back of my mother because of crippled, and yet began to work earlier than anybody else after my fatherfs sudden death, while studying at night high. Entered in the field of a technician and soon became independent. During that period of time, I accomplished quite a lot of work that I take pride with good memories. That continued for some 14 years. I call it gThe first stage of my life.h  I have come to some 65-page. I make it a rule to print out each time I finish one with double pages, enjoying the printed file becoming thick.
     There came at that time a sign of a big change in my life. During my active life as the inventor of devices and the importer of the American new techniques, I came to have a wide association with many businesspersons through my newly developed technologies throughout Japan even though I had a hard time walking, which I recall youngness made it possible.
     Recalling myself from my youth, I often came to think that gmy visual field or viewh was obliged to be smaller than ordinary young people in one factor and that was, I was obliged to walk and act in a narrower visual manner. By that I mean, when I walked in those days, I had to watch the ground a few steps ahead of mine so that I could not stumble with an irregular road condition. Or I would say, when I walked, nothing allowed me to think or to say nothing of watching and enjoying around and people while walking, but the place where I intended to reach without looking around the surroundings like ordinary people did for fun and enjoyment. My only concern was to think only how to get the place. I had no room in my mind to think of other things but to get there even it is a short distance. This is something that ordinary person never gets a thought of it.
     However, my youthfulness and passion made such a wide activities possible overcoming my physical adversity. On the other side, however, "my life viewh itself was obliged to be narrowed in a sense. As mentioned earlier at the time the a-bomb, I could not even go back to my home to see what happened.
     By the way, the disciples whom I taught were so many in a number during my technician life of 14 years. I even hired two young men as my employees at the age of twenty. I taught them not as a technician only but as a man of character. Far later years, this became the foundation of my teaching as a business consultant. For teaching the professional truck drivers, for instance, it has been my long philosophy of education to teach them gIt is much more important how to be rather than how to doh. gWill is more needed than skillh is another thing.
     I once accepted a disciple sent to me from a company whose president asked me to teach his employee saw filer in a possible short term. After I educated the young disciple and sent him back to the company, I told him a lesson, gDo not expect one hundred par cent salary to what have done to the company. Save some to the company. Even if your president does not admit it, someone would give you good enough appreciation later years.h It was a typical Japanese life philosophy of gbe moderate in eatingh.
     I used to remember the words given by the principal of the high school at the time of graduation ceremony, gBe a man well employedh, meaning a young men should try to work so that the employer thinks he or she is easy to use. When I was given that word, I told myself secretly that I would be a man who employs worker, not be employed. I was too young to understand his word truly. Save some to the company. Even if your president does not admit it, someone would give you good enough appreciation later years.h It was a typical Japanese life philosophy of gbe moderate in eatingh.
     My friends and elders used to say to me that the way I tell is something that is spoken by men of forty or fifty years old. Not at all like an old manfs indiscretion but as if well experienced man of good character in such young age.
     My various experiences of developing new technology and lecturing and writing about the technical theory and exercising new techniques made me to think and act in a logical way. It was at that time when I learned through my own life experience that came to understand truly the Japanese old saying of gprincipal theoryh, that is gA of the alphabet.h
     At the early age of twentieth, there came out opportunities of making lectures from Hokkaido down to Okinawa and others throughout Japan. Even a possible chance to study in the States was almost brought to me by a municipal member as mentioned before. My youth was real colorful in a sense with great dream.
     However, those opportunities and possibilities for my first stage of life come to an end for some reasons. A big change in my life was ahead of me.