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           YUUKI YOSHIDA ; A-bomb Survivor Testimony Speaker-Writer & Healthy-Sound Life Adviser

  「yuuki yoshida」の画像検索結果    「yuuki yoshida」の画像検索結果
(The photo left, center were taken shortly before the Eastern Japan huge Tsunami disaster, March 11, 2011. The right one on 10, September 2014 for the renewal of my passport. People say I look younger than years ago. Laugh)                                  
     Yuuki Yoshida :83-year-11-month-old
"Grateful to be alive and active!" 

I am a 83-year-old Japanese man, living in the Philippines ever since February 2009. After more than half a century of my first, second and third stage of life as a top management, I retired from the active management service and shifted the rest of my life to the activities as "a-bomb survivor testimony speaker and writer", which I call the final Fourth stage of my Life. 

My new life start line as I call, "The fourth stage of life" was made on December 28 2009, my 78th birthday, when I disclosed my first letter in public the  and in this self-edited website. The opened letter to the President was revised on. 

            Since 10th, March 2001
    Greeting to the English language visitors                 
     This website is edited by myself with little technical knowledge of editing with the website in a beautiful ways and means. My main purpose of opening the website is not for business or any kind of it what so ever, only for keeping the records of my writing history and records.  

           Dates of renewals: Monday, October 5, 2015       

                Articles written in English:not in order

The columns for my regular writing in the past 
"A-bomb survivor testimony based on the three viewpoints"

"(Open letter) Dear Mr. President Obama"
Atomic bomb survivor credits desire to learn for living 'four lives'

 (The JAPAN Times, August 4, 2012, by KRIS KOSAKA)
 Calabarzon Breaking News 
 "A-bomb and Me"
Special corner for introduction of the Philippines and its people
The mission for Hibakushas --Needs for building consensus for the Reconciliation between the a-bomb dropper and the sufferers 
Sister Hiroko's death


    President Obama's visit to the A-bombed  cities would be
                      "70th-2015", August 6-9 in 2015
                      This I believe because...., or else,
          President would be breaking "Man's promise" 

     Hiroshima and Nagasaki citizens have long hoped the President of the United States would visit the a-bombed cities, especially the Mayors of the both cities have been trying often to appeal the American Embassy in Tokyo to convey the wishes to the President. The Ambassadors, the former and the present, responded them by saying to the effect, why not try to appeal President directly...
     This has been a ridiculous trial for the Mayors, to Yoshida's eyes and ears for some reason, which I would like to mention hereafter;
      It was on November 10th, 2009, when I was watching the NHK World TV, in which a NHK reporter had an interview with the President Obama in Tokyo who dropped in there on his way to Singapore for the APEC meeting.
      The interviewer's question was "Do you intend to visit the a-bombed cities on this occasion of being in Japan?". Believe it or not! President"s answer was "The schedules are too tight this time. However, I would like to have an honor of visiting the cities someday during my Presidency...". I made big guts with big voice of Wow!!!
     Strange to say, the President's that big and historical words have never been reported in any newspapers in this country or wherever. The before- mentioned Mayors, if ever known or be told by someone of this historical statement by the President, they would have said to the Ambassadors of President's promise.
    Fortunately or as planned or expected for the President, he has been reelected as the second term, which would make President able to keep his promise! My humble anticipation would be that President would add another Presidents' Legacies by keeping His promise by visiting the A-bombed Cities on August 6-9, 2015, "70th-2015", which happens to be a very symbolic and punctual Annual Dates!
      If ever happens that President breaks the promise, he would face what we Japanese call "Man's trust failed", in Japanese, "Otoko ga sutaru", which I ironically call "President's
Negative Legacy".  "Let us renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil but the human capacity for good - not the desire to destroy but the impulse to save and to serve and to build,"
       The above green-letter-printed words are the ones President said in his greeting in the 9-11 anniversary ceremony at Pentagon in 2011, which I coincidentally happened to hit in the VOA mail magazine with the title of  "Ceremonies Mark 8th Anniversary of September 11 Terrorist Attacks". Be sure to click it to make sure! The words are seen in the middle of the article with no heading but quotations easy to be missed.
          「obama at 9.11 anniversary in pentagon」の画像検索結果         「obama at 9.11 anniversary in pentagon」の画像検索結果 「obama at 9.11 anniversary in pentagon」の画像検索結果 
                             Internet information & Yoshida blog
                                      (Sorry, only in Japanese)
                                  ( Events on October 5, Wikipedia)
     This column was newly posted on March 9, 2012, with 5766 items as of this day with my comments and sometimes with photos concerned to the articles which I get from the Google. However, I really regret that this main column is edited only in Japanese. I have been totally occupied with this column editing with many articles brought by the Internet newspapers, newsletters and magazines.
      (Notice)The comments I make in each article in this column with some photos concerned come from the Google, the Japanese edition. "Today's happening", for instance, this day of March 14, please click and see what it is like. I hit upon this idea early this morning of March 14, and make it a rule to change the above quoted link.
Special note:Take a look at No.1195, for instance, which features the article & photo with Philipina nurse, Ms. Menchu Sanchez, with President's honorable praising words, standing beside the First Lady Michel.

     The column is unique, I would say with confidence, in that I take up information from the internet newspapers and magazines which I find meaningful and significant to myself and my readers, so that I copy them in my own re-editing files with my own comment on the issue.
       My comments are the very thing that I take pride in expressing what I think on the issue, sometimes in a humorous way or sarcastic or even negative to the article writer. My readers would get double-information on the issue, so to speak.
Therefore, I decided to concentrate my writing motivation to this column by closing the long-continued columns of "Hitorigoto(Monologue) & Tokudane(Exclusive)" by making them in a form of the past records.
     An interesting thing about this change of my writing pattern is that I hit upon an idea that what I wanted to write for the two columns would better be moved to the "Weekly Message" which I write every Monday both in English and Japanese. The English readers would find the column mu more interesting from now, I trust. I sincerely hope you visit it. Thank you!

           The Parlor Trick of This Editor, Yoshida
      The Editor of this site, Yoshida, is fond of English language, though not as good as the natives. However, the followings are the one he is proud of being able to make recitation in good memory in a way as a native speaker or even better(laugh). This is one the Editor could be proud of and being able to make better than the natives. Sure am I! You will be astonished!(again laugh)
At the end of this top page, let me introduce something about the Editor's personal hobby for English language learning and hobby. The following five English notes are the ones I, the editor of this site, love to make recitation of with loud voice as good as the native English speakers.
      The motivation  for this habit is very interesting, and let me explain;
Back in Japan when I was 40-year-old or so, I began to take a morning nice and hot bath after more than an-hour-physical exercises until good amount of perspiration, which, I thought, was good for a person who cannot enjoy the shower after playing the golf.

      Good amount of perspiration after exercises and more in ta hot bath tub brought me splendid feeling, so  that I hit upon an idea of using the time in the bathtub in a more efictient way that is to make recitations of English speech or the poem or the like.
      By the way, dipping into nice and hot bathtub is no more needed for me in this tropical country. My style all through the day and night is "Suteteko(middle-long light pants) & short shirts style" from morning through night.
       Well, let me explain my English recitation hobbies. The first one is "The Lord's Prayer", and continued on with such as;

"Lord's Prayer ", "The Lion's Code of Ethics", "Lincoln's Gettysburg's Address"  , "Youth ", "My Way ". This takes about 8-minute, which I found it was good enough time before the perspiration come out.
      I would like, therefore, to show the English-language-visitors of this website to know how and why I picked up the following 5-item for meditation or the stories behind them.

1. "Lord's Prayer "
     I was born in a Buddist family. When I was in high school(Night time one because of my destiny of abandoning higher education after my father's early death fight after the A-bomb, to to take care of my family.
     It happened that I won the first prize in the English speech contest for Hiroshima prefecture high school. The title was "How I've fought my way out." This was the beginning of my long way of life benefited by my English knowledge and human relationship brought by that.
     The biggest one was my experience with an American lady missionary and English teacher in Hiroshima Mission school, Miss Anderson by the name, who came to me at the contest with her student girl, saying "Congratulations, Mr.Yoshida. May I introduce my student?...". That was  the beginning of my association with the missionary and her student, Miss Murakami.....The former to my way to become a Christian with "The Lord's Prayer" close to my life, and the latter, in later years, become my life benefactor.
      One of the great lessons I learned from Miss Anderson was that "The polio is the greatest gift given me by God who want me to show people how a man can be that strong if he has faith in God. This was the beginning my lifelong association with the Lord's Prayer.
m      By the way this happening brought another life-valued opportunity of getting associated with her student, Miss Yoshino Murakami, who in later years, became my life-long, unforgettable and precious friend girl I ever knew. She happened o be a daughter of Hiroshima University proffesor and later year became th president of the Mission high and university, and more, becoming the go-between for my wedding, which ended in separation year later(Ha).
       Continuing to write about her more, let me tell the visitors about my essay contest winner article titled "My eternal platonic sweetheart and benefactor in my life". If you click the link, there comes the copy of that Article (though in Japanese), which was the one I got the prize for "one of the 55 items selected as "good works" among 717 applied. The contest was sponsored by a publishing company in Tokyo under the title of "My first love, first HE and first HER". The applicants were from teenagers to eightieth. The below far the right is the cover opened backside.
     Well, sorry for getting off the line in my writing about how I got to be closely associated with the Lord's Prayer.


  "Lincoln's Gettysburg's Address"
     Lincoln's Gettysburg' Address is popular even among Japanese. Fortunately, in my life with a widow lady after my divorce with my former wife(....Well, sorry for being personal. A huge amount of story await for me to tell about my life history, though), her daughter happened to read aloud her high school English text, I gave her some suggestion on the pronunciation, which brought me great interest to make it as one of my own favorite English recitations.
     It was in 1993 when I was in the midst of my one-month-investigation trip to the States, I visited  the Abraham Memorial Hall, where I met the President statue and on the side wall was his that famous speech! I was captured with that big speech text carved or painted, and began to satay there with my reading aloud as if making myself speaking it!.
      An American man standing beside me seemed interested so that I said to him, "I could make that recitation perfectly!" like a boy being proud of being able to! He seemed interested and said, "when I was young, schools used to demand students to memorize and read it aloud. However, in modern times...No..." by shrinking his shoulders.)
       I remember the year before last, on the 9.11 ceremony in NY, an American politician, whose name I don't remember, stood on the platform beside the speech table with this recitation, needless to say not looking down on the speech table for the text. I thought I could make it as good as he did!!
    By the way, a wife of a company president which was one of my client in Osaka, gave me a book titled "LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG THE WORDS THAT REMADE AMERICA by GARRY WILLS translated by Sakae Kitazawa)


3. "The Lion's Code of Ethics"
     A the time I was one of the Lion's club members, especially when I was the chairman of a committee and editor-in-chief of the magazine published by the Lions Club 336-C-district, something made me to try to memorize it being able to make recitation of it. It happened that we had the Cabinet sponsored the Cabinet Annual General Assembly where we invited an American President of the International Club Association, Mr. Woolard was the name.
      I was told that the President's special favorite is "The Lions Code of Ethics", so that I tried to memorize it and, if ever have a chance, I could let him know of that big passion of mine as a "Lion" as passionate as he. Ha
      In fact I had good opportunities of being with him at his visit as a chairman of the committee and the editor-in-chef of the magazine.
Apparently, he seemed surprised to know of this, saying "I love the code but not as much as I memorize it..." Later months, I had an honor of receiving his award.
"Youth "

     This poem is very popular among Japanese regardless of their being business tops or the workers. A friend of mine gave me the copy, saying that Yoshida"s way of life overlap with the way the poem writes. I was charmed with its contents so that I brought it  into one of my favorite recitations.
       I remember that the first time I happened to know of this poem was at my twentieth when I came to know that the poem was
by Samuel Ullman who first appeared in the Readers' Digest in 1945, the year the World War ended, and years passed when my friend gave me a poem text. 
      I also came to know that General
Douglas MacArthur、was one of the lovers of the poem. An interesting point and proud of about my recitations with this one is that at the end of  the poem of " may die young at eighty.", I close with my own words of "You may die young at a hundred in my Yoshida's own words!"
       By the way, General Douglas MacArthur is so familiar to the Filipinos. I found in The Manila Times an article about him entitled "
Behind every great man  The women in  the life of General Douglas MacArthur".  
5. "My Way "

    "My Way" is indeed the best one to end the 8-minute-recitations as the final one in that I can overlap my own life with that of, though a tinny scale compared with that of the original singer Frank Sinatra, I could feel something similar, or better say, could make pretending him for living my own way of life of, what I call "the first, second, third and now the fourth stage of Yoshida's life in the Philippines".
      The last words of Frank's is ♪....Yes..., this is my way...♪ is the very thing that yoshida want to say to the World with no regrets no matter what happened to me good or not good or any, making the best of life even with my will to die in this soil of the Philippines with the memories and prayers for those who lost their lives in this land during the WW2.
      A couple of photos attached far the right below are Ms. Masako Doi, ex socialist parliament lady, who became the first Chairwoman in the parliament general assembly, was a fond of My Way. She used to sing it with her dignity and passion as if she herself played the life like that of Frank. See her proud posture with he back so straight in her parliament chairwoman table, and so do this an aged man of Yoshida.


                                 Monday, October 5, 2015
                           "Grateful to be alive and active!"
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