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YUUKI YOSHIDA ; A-bomb Survivor Testimony Speaker-Writer & Healthy-Sound Life Adviser

         (Photo above taken March, 2011, below Sept. 10, 2014)   
Yuuki Yoshida,
       writer-editor, (83-year-1-month-old)

"Grateful to be alive and active!"
"Try to live as if you were to live forever and live as if you were to die tomorrow."

                     Since 6th, March 2001
  Greeting to the English language visitors                 
I am a 82-year old Japanese man, living in the Philippines ever since February 2009. After more than half a century of my first, second and third stage of life as a top management, I retired from the active management service and shifted the rest of my life to the activities as "a-bomb survivor testimony speaker and writer". 

My new life start line as I call, "The fourth life" was made on December 28 2009, my 78th birthday, when I disclosed my first letter in public the "(Open letter) Dear Mr. President Obama" and "A-bomb survivor testimony based on the three viewpoints" in this self-edited website. The second letter addressed to the President is seen below on the top.


                               Dates of renewals  
                                 December 20, 2014                     



                            (Opened Letter)
                                                                      December 1st, 2013
Dear Mr. President Obama,
     I am 82-year-old Japanese survivor of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Then 14-year-old-polio-stricken boy nearly escaped from death when berried under the collapsed building unmovable, miraculously hauled out atop of it after a moment of prayer with hands in one ready to die.
      One of my younger brothers, then 7-year-old, with not a single injury in his body, died two weeks after the Day in a miserable physical condition because of radiation exposed on him. At the very moment of his death, he grasped his Mommy's breast and whispered his last words of "Mommy, when I go to Heaven, I'm going ask Buddah to revenge America for this!"
      One of my three sisters who was with him hand in hand in around the city for help obliged to have undergone several serious medical operation for cancers later years. Her dropped hairs are still displayed in the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial Hall. She died at the age of 79.
      When she and I talked about the atomic bomb, and coming to know of my concept as the survivor of "The Needs of Reconciliation between the dropper and the sufferers", she clearly said to me, "Yuuki, your sister never hates America, the a-bomb dropper! We Japanese, too, sure did bad things in the past. War makes human being crazy and mad!..."
      She was right when she said that when I think of what I have done up to this day of 82-yar-old in my own life career. I owe much of my success in life to many American friends and of my command of English language.
     With such introduction of myself and a-bomb suffered brother and a sister, I would like to appeal Mr. President, that your scheduled visit to the a-bombed cities would be best appreciated and welcomed when you target it on the occasion of "70th Anniversary in 2015" (70-2015), very punctual annual time.
    I clearly remember that when you were interviewed by NHK correspondent in Tokyo, 2011, who asked if you intend to drop in at a-bombed cities, you responded clearly to the effect that "Not this time because of tight schedules. However, I would like to have an honor of visiting the cities someday in my Presidency..." I watched this TV scene in the Philippines.
        As an a-bomb survivor, I would like you not to drop in on your way to or from your trip throughout the world. My wish or better say the majority of the survivors is that you be considerate to arrange your official visit to the cities with the main purpose of the official visit by President, thus making the dead and the survivors come to appreciate your visit with a thought that President came to pay a single purpose of making the tribute to us.
         In 2009, I wrote for the first time as a survivor, at the age of 79, a long essay under the title of "Testimony of an A-bomb survivor after 65 years of silence--Based on the three viewpoints". Later year of 2012, I wrote another one from a different angle under the title of "The Mission for Hibakushas--Needs to for building consensus for the reconciliation between the dropper and sufferers".
        Coincidentally, my theory resembles to the words President used at the 9.11 anniversary at the Pentagon in 2012; "Let us renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil but the human capacity for good-not the desire to destroy but the impulse to save and to serve and to build."
         It happened that Hiroshima municipal government recently disclosed its special plan under the name of "70th anniversary--2015" It would be our unforgettable memory of us Hibakushas if you President fulfill your promise in such a way.
                                                                         Sincerely yours,
                                                                    YUUKI YOSHIDA     

     The Following words are the one which struck my heart when I read the VOA newsletter. The President Obama at the Pentagon 8th-9.11- anniversary said; President Obama's speech at 8th anniversary of 9.11.   
"Let us renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil but the human capacity for good - not the desire to destroy but the impulse to save and to serve and to build,"     President Obama)   
           The photos below are, from left to right, my youngest elder sister among the three, Hiroko, shortly before she lost her hairs by the a-bomb disease. The grasp of her hairs are on display in the Hiroshima A-bomb Memorial Hall. The third is the one she restored her hairs after years. The last one is when she published her memory book, which the local newspaper published a story about her autobiography with her survivor life.
       She used to say to me, "Yuuki, your sister never hates America for he a-bomb drop. Japan, too, did bad things. Wars make people mad and crazy, you know...."

The JAPAN Times featured my article! 
  Atomic bomb survivor credits desire to learn for living 'four lives'

Japanese edition(Traslated by the interviewee): 18, 2012)
Calabarzon Breaking News
featured my article 
(This newspaper was obliged to close right after they published the first
edition due to some trouble among the directors, though)

  My favorite internet information with my comments

(The link above is the latest articles within the maximum limit of one MB)
     This column was newly posted on March 9, 2012, with 5046 items as of this day with my comments and sometimes with photos concerned to the 1articles which I get from the Google. However, I regret that this main column is edited only in Japanese. I have been totally occupied with this column editing with many articles brought by the Internet newspapers and newsletters.

     Special note:Take a look at No.1195, for instance, which features the article & photo with Philipina nurse, Ms. Menchu Sanchez, with President's honorable praising words, standing beside the First Lady Michel.

     The column is unique, I would say with confidence, in that I take up information from the internet newspapers and magazines which I find meaningful and significant to myself and my readers, so that I copy them in my own re-editing files with my own comment on the issue. My comments are the very thing that I take pride in expressing what I think on the issue, sometimes in a humorous way or sarcastic or even negative to the article writer. My readers would get double-information on the issue, so to speak. Therefore, I decided to concentrate my writing motivation to this column by closing the long-continued columns of "Hitorigoto(Monologue) & Tokudane(Exclusive)" by making them in a form of the past records.

     An interesting thing about this change of my writing pattern is that I hit upon an idea that what I wanted to write for the two columns would better be moved to the "Weekly Message" which I write every Monday both in English and Japanese. The English readers would find the column mu more interesting from now, I trust. I sincerely hope you visit it. Thank you!

The followings are the columns for my regular writing;
1.Message of the week(August28,2008-December 24,2012) (Both in English and Japanese)
2. Hitorigoto(Monologue)(No.1-No.172)  (English editions are limited)
3. Tokudane(Exclusive)(No.1-No.82)     (English editions are limited)
Philippines Information(No.1-No.44)  (English editions are limited)
5. Philippines Mail magazine(N0.1-No.81) (Japanese only)
6. Others 
Learning English composition by myself  Think in English and write and speak it 
Suicide Problem--Yoshida's posting article to the responce of the article by Akio Matsumura in NY--(11/14)
English language and I --My 80-year life story with English language learning--(2010/10/28~12/12) 
No.1 Newsletter by BCC to the English language readers

      My writing activity as a a-bomb survivor testimony
     It was February 1st, 2009 that I moved to this country, the Republic of the Philippinesi, as my permanent residence. What I first tried to do was to write testimony articles as a a-bomb survivor, Hibakusha in Japanese. The concrete plan was to write the testimony both in English and Japanese so that I could make myself understood by English speaking people, especially to the American people in the relationship to the atomic bomb.

     The title first written and disclosed in my website for the first time here in the Philippines was "Testimony of an A-bomb Survivor after 65 Years of Silence-Based on the Three Viewpoints".  At the same time, I wrote "my open letter to the President" These two articles were posted in this website on October 28, 2008, my 77th birthday.

     As for my testimony as an a-bomb survivor, Hibakusha, I wrote from a different viewpoint from others, better say, from an angle never spoken by any Hibakushas before, from the three viewpoints. In regards to my open letter to President Obama, I appealed him to visit the a-bombed cities on the "65th-2010 Anniversary" simply for the reason that the year is annually periodic with the number of 65-10. As you see from the above new open letter to the President, I renewed the appeal to shift the President visit to "70th-2015" for various reasons. You could see what it is when you read the new one above.

     Coincidentally, my intention of making a renewal of this main page is to shift from my appeal to President Obama to visit the a-bombed cities to something different goal. It is "The Spirit of Reconciliation", which would be my renewed testimony in this new top page. Please click the below site.
The mission for Hibakushas --Needs for building consensus for the Reconciliation between the a-bomb dropper and the sufferers

    Coincidentally, I came across to an interesting article, VOA newsletter, in which the President said at the 9.11. anniversary in Pentagon, the following;
"Let us renew the true spirit of that day. Not the human capacity for evil but the human capacity for good-not the desire to destroy but the impulse to save and to serve and to build." ( President Obama)

     I found in VOA News letter something about the hidden personality of President Obama about what he thinks of the 9.11. Only VOA reported. Click the below;
President Obama's speech at 8th anniversary of 9.11.

My second mission;To introduce the Philippines and its people to my fellow country people
     I call the present life in the Philippines "the fourth stage of my life". Let me tell the readers and visitors of this website something about the episode of my choosing this country as the last stage of my life. For some reasons, I long had a dream of living abroad after the retirement.

     In the first stage of my plan of living abroad, Malaysia was the place in my mind by my nephew's recommendation who used to work there as the branch chief officer of the biggest trading company in Japan. He strongly advised me to select it if I really wish to live in a foreign country as a pensioner because he and his family all enjoyed the five-year life there in comfort. He even promised me that he would be ready to prepare everything for me.

     However, I came to realize that the Philippines is the country most suitable to live as my last stage of life in some meanings. The first one is that this country has the English language as the second national language, which I love to speak and write, though not as good as the natives.

     One other reason is that I came to realize the fact that during the World War II, Japanese soldiers killed more than a million Philippine citizens and soldiers, to say nothing of so many Japanese and American soldiers with many of them left in the soil even now.

     Those factors drove me to determine to live in the rest of my life here with prayers and consolation to the deceased. I even came to feel that it is my obligation to introduce this country and its people to my fellow country men and women through the website edited by myself, though in a poor way with less skill of editing.

     For that reason, I have what I call "Special standing corner for introduction of the Philippines and its people" that follows here shows what it is.

     An interesting historical story about Japanese and Filipinos is seen in a series of articles published in "The Daily Manila Shimbun (News paper)". It is written in Japanese, though. It begins with a phrase of "In the beginning of 20-century, the Philippines was a country for Japanese to find job. Some 5000 Japanese workers came to the Philippines to work for the construction of roads and farming. They settled down in Baguio and Davao....". As well known, Japan is now the country where many Filipinos try to work, but it was opposite only a hundreds years ago. Click to see what it is like, though in Japanese. You could see some pictures.(March 26, 2012)

                                "A-bomb and Me"
     This is my autobiography written in English. It tells about my life story which I call "The first, second, third and the fourth stage of life". If you click, you could read the contents, which have more than a hundred items on each of them attached are the manuscript of the English documents, still under construction to be corrected and be continued.  (December 20, 2010)      

 Special corner for introduction of the Philippines and its people
1. I would like to introduce Mr. Masafumi Kasai, who is known as the best man to introduce the Philippines.
     He lived in the US for five years, the Philippines for ten years. He came to know that Japanese have  misunderstanding of this country and its people, so that he published the book and the article below;
(I) "The Philippines Misunderstood"  By Masafumi Kasai  (Pen name, Miro Kasai) 196-page
(2) "Japanese People Should Learn from Filipinos"  3
     JAPAN SPOTLIGHT (March, April 2009)   JEF:Japan Economic Foundation

2. Friendship Association of Hiroshima and Luzon
     A few months before leaving Japan, I happened to read an article with a picture in the Chuugoku Newspaper, which wrote about the association and its activities with the people in Luzon. The association tries to gather used cloths and shoos and bring them to this country for the poor children.

3. The Philippines Democracy comes from "BARANGAY(The smallest administrative organization)"
     On October 1, 2010, I drove alone for the first time to the Metro Manila to visit Japan Embassy for the required paper by the Japan Pension Services. It was at that time that I came to know of the "BARANGAY". The Japan embassy man told me of the need of getting the Residence Certificate authorized by the BARANGAY.

     BARAGAY is the smallest unit of local administration in the Philippines, which I believe has a deeply rooted historical background and yet is modern acting system, the root of democracy.

     BARANGAY is the term meaning "Sailing boat". Before Spain came to rule this country, Malaysian people first came to these islands and settled in various places. The group has been called "Barangay" ever since. There are some 41,935 Barangays now throughout the country. It consists of nine counselors(seven elected).

     The smallest unit of administrative organization of Barangay is sure to have been elevated the Filipinos mind of self-administration. While in Japan, ever since the so called "the age of local governance" has been installed, more importance is placed in "the people's participation in the administration" and "the cooperation between the locals". It seems that there could be found in this smallest administrative system a hint of how to achieve the grass-rooted participation to the local administration in Japan.

     I often point out the fact that the democracy of the Philippines is deeper and more advanced in the historical aspect than that of Japan. In the Barangay system, I could make that notion of mine is more real and surer. Click the sites for more information, though in Japanese only. 
(1)Philippines local administration "Barangay"
(2)The Philippine people's self administrative organization; Mechanism of Barangay and the local society

4. Philippines Active Seniors Company, Inc.
    The site above is by a Japanese, Mr. Kazutami Shiga, in Japanese, whose article appeared in the Diamond Online under the title of "Recommendation for evacuating to Philippines for junior's education if you expect him or her becoming an international person". Sorry only in the Japanese language!
     I admire and pay the highest respect to Mr. Shiga, editor and writer of the site, has immense knowledge and information concerning this county and its  people in a huge volume!!  (May 21, 2013) 

5. Filipinos are rich in the heart with bright national character even though poor in economy.
     What I have been deeply impressed and watched ever since I came to this country is that the poverty in this country reminds me of the days in Japan right after the War. We Japanese worked real hard and succeeded in developing the nation economically and physically all right. However, there came after the rapid economic advancement a serious discouragement among the people. One example is the high ratio of the Japanese committing suicide. See "The International ratio of the suicide"

     While on the contrary, the Filipinos suicide ratio ranks the 87th among the listed 103 countries. what do these statistics tell? I give the answers in my article; "Filipinos are rich in the heart even in poverty. Why!?". Please click and find what and why.

6. Philippines has Santo Tomas University, the oldest existing university in Asia with 400-year history
     STU is the oldest university existing in Asia with 400-year history. Click the photo and the history of the university. More information is seen in my article of "Philippines information No. 18 ; The University of Santo Tomas, the oldest in Asia with 400-year history—the pride of the Filipinos—"(Japanese only, though). We could see why the Filipinos look brighter and much modernized than Japanese in the aspect of its historical and educational background.

7. Republic of the Philippines and its people are western-like nation with bright atmosphere 
     The Philippines was under the colonization by Spain from 1565 for 333-year, and then by the United States for another 48-year, total year of 381 colonized. The Catholic churches built hundreds years ago are still active in number, where Filipinos are attending from their ancestors to this generation. They have brought in the western culture and make it alive so that they look very much westernized. The people look very bright and westernized to make it their own culture.

Antonio Cardinal Tagle installed as Vatican Cardinal
     Pope Francis will elevate Cotabato Archbishop Orlando B. Quevedo, OMI, with 18 others, to the Vatican’s College of Cardinals in ceremonies at the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy, on Feb. 23. The Philippines people take pride in this!
Quevedo, 18 others installed as cardinals at Vatican 
                               (MANILA BULLETIN  February 22, 2014 ) 
9.Filipinas are real beauty!!
     The Filipinas look very western style and pretty like the classic  coca Cola bottle. The photo below is the one for "Miss Earth Philippines Candidates". I have this photo in the wall paper on my new second computer, which amuses me always. I hope the visitors to this website would enjoy it, too.

        Miss Philippines Water Kimberly Covert, Miss Eco-Tourism Monique Teruelle Manuel, Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Jamie Herrel and Miss Air Diane Carmela Querer do the “Think Twice” sign to drum up the campaign urging Filipino youth to care for the environment during a visit to The Manila Times on Tuesday.   Photo By Melyn Acosta        
     The photo left is a little old one Miss Earth" candidates. The right is Miss Philippines Water Kimberly Covert, Miss Eco-Tourism Monique Teruelle Manuel, Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Jamie Herrel and Miss Air Diane Carmela Querer do the “Think Twice” sign to drum up the campaign urging Filipino youth to care for the environment during a visit to The Manila Times on Tuesday. Photo By Melyn Acosta

10. "PH population hits 100M"
     Chonalyn named symbolic 100 millionth baby after birth at Fabella Hospital
                      MILESTONE BIRTH – The 100 millionth Pinoy baby, Chonalyn Sentino, is cradled by her mother, Dailin Cabigayan, as her father Clemento Sentino (left) shows a certificate from the Commission on Population moments after her birth at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila, at 12:35 a.m. yesterday. (KJ Rosales)
MILESTONE BIRTH – The 100 millionth Pinoy baby, Chonalyn Sentino, is cradled by her mother, Dailin Cabigayan, as her father Clemento Sentino (left) shows a certificate from the Commission on Population moments after her birth at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila, at 12:35 a.m. yesterday. (KJ Rosales)                    

"100-year ago Japanese immigrated to the Philippines to find job! Entirely opposite now."
  The Daily Manila Newspaper, Japanese edition, posts a series of article entitled "Japanese Immigration to Philippines a Century ago", which tells about the unknown history of Philippines and Japan a Century ago, although all in Japanese. You could see what it is like by clicking.(October 9, 2012)

     As for the Daily Manila Newspaper, I have a good memory and experience with my effort of trying to ask the company to post an error article in success concerning their mistaken report about something which is not honorable to the Philippines people. They reported with the title of "Is the Philippines a country of desperation? The trend of young people's suicide" I asked the editor-in-chief of the Manila Daily Shimbun to post the correction article in success later days. You could see what the story was like by clicking this:"An episode about miss-written article, Daily Manila Shimbun, 'Is the Philippines a country of desperation? The trend of young people's suicide.'" My pride is I did protect the dignity and honor of the Philippines people.   

     At the end of this long top page, let me introduce something about this editor's personal hobby or specialty in English language learning. Please click and see what are the things I could make recitations of English poems, speech, song and others, eight minutes in native-like good recitation! Isn't it interesting that an old man of almost 82 able to make the recitations in 8-minute in perfect way? 
"Lord's Prayer ", "The Lion's Code of Ethics", "Lincoln's Gettysburg's Address"  , "Youth ", "My Way ". 

     Lastly, let me write something very happy thing for me as a Hiroshima Hibakusha, and that is Mr. John V. Roos, Ambassador to Japan said in his last press interview about the President Obama's intention of visiting the a-bombed cities during his Presidency!!  Nobody in this country ever told or write about the President Words only Yoshida in this website. It was November 10, 2011 when he made an answer to the question made by a NHK corespondent in Tokyo concerning his intention of visiting the cities. I happened to watch and hear the beautiful words of President's answer in English TV of NHK WORLD and I sure made guts! President said clearly, "I cannot this time because the schedules are full. However, I would like to have an honor of visiting the cities someday during my Presidency..." How humble a top man, the President by saying again, "...I would like to have an honor of visiting..."!!!  I have a series of articles concerning this happening in Japanese.

aturday 20, December 2014
"Grateful to be alive and active!"


A-bomb Survivor Testimony Speaker and Writer & Health-Sound Life Adviser
  Laguna, Philippines
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